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    My Norton 360 was coming up, and I wanted too add my new Asus Tt00AF. They said it would be $27 dollars to add this Tablet, after charging me $18, but saying that was only for Android Tablets, of course, this was not mentioned beforehand. SO, the total would be &70.99.

    I then asked him, "How come, on this site (, you have the Highest form 0f protection for $59.99, and that covers "Up to 10 PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets", and this is less than what you are offering me. I then told him to look up how long I was a Norton subscriber and the audacity he had to try and commit theft, whether it was from ignorance or outright. I asked him why he did not know his product. The "Man" then states, "That's because you have the "Old Norton 360" and we are phasing it out. I then told him that He had me in complete disbelief, to be able to utter such a stupid comment. I demanded to speak to his Supervisor, and told him I would be filing charges with the Better Business Bureau..

    Stand up for you rights, and keep on top of these companies.

    I have never received any kind of virus or malware with Norton. People say they are resource hogs, but I build computers with the knowledge that I will be running Norton, so I make them a little more beastly, ad in reality, Norton only slows your machine during full scans, which I schedule when I am asleep. I would not use any other product. I have tried them all, and all the ones i tried let is viruses and malware, except for Norton. I think they are a great company, but some pencil pusher in there thought he had figured out a way to gouge people. He messed up because the negative publicity is spreading, by people, some like me, who happens to Administer a small forum and shares his travails with his friends.

    The products to get (if you chose Norton)

    Norton Security Deluxe
    $49.99 Up to 5 PCs, Macs,smartphones
    or tablets:

    Norton Security Standard
    1 PC or Mac
    First Year

    PREMIUM PLAN: Up to 10 PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets

    Way better than the Previous 360 plan. :)

    Up to 10 PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets
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    I completely agree Zathros, I too swear by Norton :)
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    Sometimes, AT them! :)
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