Non-specific costume Mask / Helmet (wip)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Nitebytes, Apr 12, 2012.

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    I'm a LAPRer (Live Action RolePlay), and frequently have a hand in running LARP events, usually for the Stargate LRP society that I'm associated with (and currently plot coordinator for).
    I'm trying to create a set of hi-tech(ish) armour for a character, but want to make it look different from store bought costume stuff. If that makes sense to you?

    So, the part people will focus on first is the head, so thats where I'm starting.
    I've started with an Army of Two mask (I think it's by Dung0beetle, a poster on RPF), and respirator from a Helghast (from the game Killzone I think) created by rundown and downloaded from the papercraft museum.

    I plan to marry these up with the back end of an Iron Man helmet (or something similar) to achieve a full, techie and slightly imposing looking helm.

    So, the wip pics
    I sed 200gsm card stock, and once complete I'm papier mache-ing them to add strength and rigidity. Once it's all together I may well slap on a coat of resin before I paint it.

    1. Army of Two Mask
    I found this pretty simple to put together as my first (ever) pep project. Nothing too fiddley and the way the inset eyes, and the cheek dents went together was cool for me to see in practice.


    2. Helghast Respirator
    OMG I hate this project so much. It has so many fiddley bits, and as you can see, doesn't fit together properly (I'm blaming my lack of skills and my podgy fat fingers not the pep). So, papier mache to the rescue to make the front piece connect properly. Once that's sorted I'll move on to the detail around the cheek pieces before I papier mache the whole thing and work out how best to connect it to the AO2 mask.

  2. Zathros

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    Dude, that's awesome!! :)
  3. Nitebytes

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    I'm not so sure, not yet anyway, but I hope it will be be when its finished. I should finished putting the respirator together tonight, then I should be able to fit that to the mask at the weekend, and while that dries, make a start on the back half of the helm ...
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    It's looking great Nitebytes , can't wait to see more pics.:thumb:
  5. THE DC

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  6. Nitebytes

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    THanks guys.
    I was supposed to do more work on it over the weekend, but life issues took over and all I could get done was finish papier-ing the respirator. :(

    That was a more fiddley job than I expected, and I think I lost a little of the finer detail around the nose and 'mouth' area.

    If I get time during the week I'll be printing out the iron man stuff to make the back end, but probably won't get much more done for a week or so now due to time :(

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