nIOt real happy with delaer on 2nd order

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Gil Finn, Feb 2, 2007.

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    [​IMG]New stuff..I am not real happy with dealer on second order.
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    I bought a bushle baskek full of stuff these past several weeks, mostly kits to make durring this cold weather.

    I was disapointed with one expensive brand as it used cheap plastic studs to attch couplers and trucks. Most broke.

    The company ( that made them) has been very helpfull and sent a replacedment kit with screws for each car.

    I placed and second order with the same dealerwho is over due on shipping this second order and wont answer emails.

    The two orders avage about $75 each.

    I was much happier with the clearance kits fron my local hobby sho however I bough tme out.

    I emailed with him the day he was shipping the first order, friday and placed a second order.
    The firsy cane monday.

    If he didn't ship until later in the week that may be why I havent seen it but he hasnt answered two emails and I explained we were leaving for a week this Saturfay. I would think with that size orders he would be more buyer friendly.
    We are going skiing ( I aint!) with myBrither and his girlfriend .

    I will just be patient and have the neighbiors watch the mail.

    Just dont want my wife to know :D
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    :) My wife is now adjusted to seeing the UPS Truck. The first conversations were not easy but then again I still get the visits by the brown truck. I made things a little even by splitting the check I got for some custon farm work I did.

    I use to get the same way Gil, but now I just slow down and remember not every one takes care of business as I do. You are great to deal with and I hope every thing comes in fine.
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    He called today and said he slipped on icy stepps. I wish him well.

    I was confused as I got that pay pal postal notice early in the week. I thought the post office picked those up or why else have them?
    Beats me, what do I know, I am just a hillbilly:confused:

    I figure if you pay with pay pal they ship with in a couple of days. Now on, let wait the 10 days , barring icy steps ofcourse.

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