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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by green_elite_cab, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. green_elite_cab

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    Well, it has happened to me for the second time in a year (to be almost exact).

    I have peculiar modeling tastes, so i often model particular models, and they are not always available. Often times, the only way to own a model is to build them from some obscure kit made more than 10-20 years ago, or is impossible to find. That is, until a month after you finish your kit...

    Last year at this time, i had just completed my pair of E60 electric locomotives. The E60 had not been a common model to find, being made by to companies, which had either discontinued the locomotive, or dissappeared before i was even born.

    True, the old Bachmann E60s are easy enough to find, but they were also of poor quality (truck mounted horn hooks with no pilots, plastic pantographs, pancake truck-motors, etc.). The other option were even rarer, older kits by American GK (very similar to Athearn).

    About halfway through july i think i got my two kits, and soon i had my two E60s built. I only enjoyed about a month of having an unsual model.

    It was at this time that bachmann decided it was time to re-release the E60CP model, with DCC and all. It is frustrating when you spend years hunting on ebay and trainshows for these models, for them to only get mass produced again a month later! wall1sign1

    Fast forward to yesterday, i get this month's model railroader magazine. I open the cover, and what do i see? Walthers is re-releasing the GP15-1 in HO scale.... after my entire modeling career searching for some.

    I finally found some good kits this past july, and when i did, i ordered three whole kits, because i figured i'd probably not see another GP15-1 for a long time...wall1

    There are quite a few models i've been trying to find lately. I'm wondering if it is worth it to jump on them, or just wait another month and see what happens! sign1

    Atleast i can justify it by the fact that my kits are better then the RTR stuff Bachman and walthers are pumping out (my E60s are brutes, and easily out class bachman's current model.).

    Don't you just hate it when that happen?

  2. TrainNut

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    I know what you mean. For years I wanted a finished, late transition era N scale fire engine. With no success, I finally bought a little kit. Since I'm not real gung ho about assembling them, it sat in the "to do" box for several more years. Finally, a manufacturer came out with a finished engine and I no longer dreaded having to build the kit I had found. In fact, I ended up giving the kit to Woodone. He kindly built it and promptly gave it back. Soooooo, now I have two fire engines!
  3. nachoman

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    But at least you had the fun and experience of building the E60s! Some consider that to be the "fun" part of the hobby:mrgreen:sign1

  4. green_elite_cab

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    this is true, but i mean, just finding the base model was a tough one, lol.

    It gets worse for me, since i'm always trying to get a locomotive or piece of equipmnet that is hard to find in some way or another, and people always scrutinize me, "why do you have buy it now?"

    I tell them that its hard to find and they don't make it anymore. once i buy it, its garunteed out within a month by some manufacturer, lol.
  5. nachoman

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    didn't walthers have an e60 back in the late 1980s?

  6. green_elite_cab

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    Well, i just built my first working span of catenary. How much do you want to bet next month someone will come out with a cheap and easy to build PRR based catenary system....

    This was in fact the American GK kit that walthers bought. Its actually annoying, because the original American GK frame was prototypical. For some reason, walthers has a new frame that is almost identical, but a different shape on the underbody. it looks like a rounded fuel tank almost, and its not accurate for the E60s, so i'm going to have to back and change it on my third "american gk/walthers" e60.
  7. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    Yeah, when I finished my SD-60 kitbash...poof!! there they were! kit, and RTR!

    So!, I did an SD-50 kitbash, and it was several years before that one was released in plastic!

    My C&NW GP15-1 kitbash remained a "one-of-a-kind" until Smokey Valley released their kit. I also have one of the early Walthers Train line undec's.

  8. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    I think the most ironic example of this was a Model Railroader issue some tmie ago that included a scratch-build article on intermodal well cars "because there was no commercial model available". However, elsewhere in the magazine was an ad announcing such a beast...! :v8:

  9. green_elite_cab

    green_elite_cab Keep It Moving!

    I wonder if the model companies work anything like other industries (such as clothing). They must be watching for people who are making these unique items, and i guess if enough people go through the trouble of building them, they figure the demand must be out there and so they make them!

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