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Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by cjfeltner, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. cjfeltner

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    im new and very excited on getting started. there are no train clubs near me so i need to research eveything.ok heres my question, the (backdrop,wallpaper)what you would put on the wall behind your layout, what is it called and where do you find it? also im starting on a 4x8 table, what do i need to use as the top ? plywood covered with foam? remember im new. also if there is anyone near hazard,ky (eastern ky) that can help me, the truth told i have never even seen a layout with trains ,buildings and landscape and such, just on the web and maybe the tv. thanks:thumb:
  2. dr.5euss

    dr.5euss Member

    Hey there, welcome to The Gauge :D

    The backdrop (aka backscene) depends on what the area you're modelling is like - put a city one with buildings on behind your city, and a country one with hills etc. on behind you countryside. I was talking to Deano today, and he recomended Scenic Express - they look very nice indeed :)

    As for your benchwork (I call it a baseboard, but I'm English :D :D :D), then plywood covered in foam would be good. Go for pink or blue insulation foam, about 1 inch thick below the track (maybe more if you want a deep river), and then if you want hills add some on top, around 2 inches). Make sure it's suitably braced with softwood from below.

    Out of interest, are you modelling HO or N?
  3. cjfeltner

    cjfeltner New Member

    im modeling HO scale.thanks
  4. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    Welcome. I would suggest a basic book on layout construction from Kalmbach publishing (the folks who publish Model Railroader magazine). Also, check out the January issue of Model Railroader magazine. There is a beginners layout that will be a series, showing how it was constructed. There's a article on basic model railroad terminology also.
    You can also check out the NMRA website and Model Railroader website. Have fun.

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