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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by geoeisele, Oct 30, 2010.

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    Okay, again, I hope someone can help. Getting into O gauge, and want to set up a simple loop to loop layout. I am not sure Lionel 0-27 manual switches feature a non-derailing capability, preventing derailments when a train enters the switch from the "wrong" direction. It would be great to set up a reversing loop with a manual switch, either 0-27 or Fast-track, and just sit back and watch the trains go around the loop, without having to throw the switch each time. Is this possible with 0-27 and/or with Fast-track? Any other kind of 0 gauge switch do this? Call me lazy. I just wanna watch the train roll and work on buildings and scenery.
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    I just looked at Lionel's catalog. They say that even the manual Fastrack switches let you run through them -- you might want to confirm with your dealer about this.
    Otherwise you would have to get the remote control ones and they're about $90 apiece.
    If you have to get remote switches, O-27 and even O are cheaper.
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    027 switches

    Thanks, David. I ended up getting O27 remotes. Much cheaper! On a loop to loop setup, the train (trolley here) will run through the switch the wrong way each and every time it uses each reversing loop. When the train enters the loop the "wrong" way, as it will on each pass, electronics cue the track to snap to the right position, I'm told. I hope this frequent usage doesn't burn the motors out. If so, I'll hafta figure out a way to make the switching rails (don't know the railroad term for that part) free-floating, so the train's wheels simply shove the rail to the right path. Anyway, thanks for your help, and advice. O27 doesn't look very good, but then again, it's nostalgic, too, and I'm not in this for realism. Have fun with your trains!

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