Newbie Question about AccuMate® knuckle couplers

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by PennCentralFan, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. These are the magnetic couplers.

    I have a basic bachmann set with regular plastic couplers. I am interested in buying a Penn Central Loco. I see that Atlas makes a Penn Central Loco the 630 that comes with accumate knuckle couplers that are magnetic?

    I have a bachmann track that connects easily it's on a plastic base, and my box cars and so on are regular plastic couplers. How do I make things compatible?

    Can I use that Atlas loco with regular plastic couplers? If not how do I make things compatible.
  2. sandjam

    sandjam New Member

    There are several ways to make things compatible, it depends on the amount of time and the financial resources you want to invest in it. To switch over to a knuckle type coupler;

    • Most inexpensive – Buy some medium shank Unimates from your LHS. These are a simple replacement into your existing Rapido coupler boxes on your B’mann cars.
    • Small expense…Get some Atlas Accumate trucks and using a 9/64 drill bit, either in the fingers or a pin vise, ream out the bolster hole. Do not attempt to use a drill motor to do this. Just take your time and apply gentle and steady pressure while reaming the hole. Use your old bolster pins on re-assembly. Bachmann metal wheels will work in Accumate trucks if desired.
    • Most costly – Buy MT trucks with couplers attached.You may need to do the same 9/64 in. reaming procedure on the bolster hole.
    • You can buy the MT couplers separate, assembled or unassembled. You may also need to change/modify the coupler box, if going this route.
    • Another good option is to change the coupler on only one side of a piece of rolling stock and make what is known as a transition or conversion car. Knuckle on one end, Rapido on the other.
    While you are modifying the couplers, take the cars apart and add 1/8 oz. lead, centered, and directly over each truck using flattened fishing weights and two-sided tape. B'mann rolling stock are on the light side. : )

  3. Cool, so basically the easiest and cheapest is to convert from Rapido on my B'mann cars using medium shank unimates. A screw driver should be all it takes right?
  4. sandjam

    sandjam New Member

    Yep just a small screw driver will do it. Be careful and don't break the box when prying apart.

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