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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by sdduckguy, May 8, 2006.

  1. sdduckguy

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    Howdy Pard's,

    This is my first post. I've been lurking and reading for awhile. I thought it was time to jump in. I'm in the middle of my first layout; it's HO, 4'10" x 9'. I'm loosely modeling Deadwood SD in 1880 or so. I'm not a real stickler for historic accuracy....when I started out I had it in my mind I would be, but as I started researching and planning I found how much work that was so I did what any good cowboy does...." I LET 'ER BUCK!" and started building. My original idea was just structures in a western town layout.... Honestly at first I didn't even think of model railroading. I just did a web search for scratch building items and of course what I found was railroading. Then I thought, OK I can add a simple railroad. The more I got into it and especially after reading and fully comprehending how important the RR was in the settling of the west I found myself getting more and more into the RR part of it. I still am mostly interested in structures and scenery....although I can see I've got a lot to learn and practice. As I read this forum I am in awe of some of the members scratch building skills...I feel like "I'm unworthy" but I'd like to learn and practice more.

    My current challenge is with self discipline. I read the posts and often people will comment on how this hobby teaches skills like carpentry, wiring, etc. That's all well and good, I appreciate sharpening my skills in these areas but what I really need to learn is more self discipline.... to slow down and do stuff right. I tend to "LET 'ER BUCK" too frequently, go off half cocked, and hurry through projects. Like cleaning and putting stuff away when I'm done using it. I am a very messy worker and can't get into keeping my area clean. I live in an apartment and rent a double there I have; a modestly equipped shop, a canoe on a trailer with the layout (sans legs) on top of the canoe, a small boat, more duck and goose decoys than I'll admit to, 8 bicycles (I collect 'em...why? because their there!) and a kazillion scavenged and scrounged items both large and small. I was so bad I couldn't walk through the garage without moving things as I went. Well today I spent 6 hours and made a little dent. Now I can walk through part of it and I've got a plan to put the legs back on the layout so I can start working.

    That's it for today, thanks for welcoming me and I'd appreciate hearing from other cowboys out there!

    Here's (of it works) are a couple of "before" pictures of the work area.

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  2. ausien

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    Welcome to the Gauge Bill, you`ll soon clean out that garage, as the RR gets bigger n better...
  3. jim currie

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    :wave:welcome to the gauge:wave how did you get pics of my shop sign1
  4. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    Welcome to The Gauge:wave:

    Don't feel too unworthy, we all started at square one sometime...if it'll help your self-esteem, I got about 15 kits and a couple thousand trees that still need assemblin' just for starters.:D :thumb:
  5. Chessie6459

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    Welcome To The-Gauge Bill. Enjoy Your Stay Here.:wave:
  6. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Glad you could join us Bill! Belive me, I can relate to the self discipline thing...I'm occasionally impatient as a modeler...a habit I'm trying to change. On the other hand, when I go back a second time and improve on my wok I'm usually pleased.
  7. N Gauger

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    Welcome to The Gauge, Bill :D Picture looks good :) As far as being impatient, look around The Gauge for pictures of all the great work that our members have done. Here is the member's List sorted by most posts:
    Members with the most posts

    If you click a name, you will be taken to the person's profile. There on the lower left (scroll down) you will find a link (View all posts by________)

    Click it to find all the cool buildings and scenery they have all built :) Especially Matthyro and Shamus. Some of this is fantastic, as long as you take your time, pay attention to the details and just use your imagination.. :)

    Does your layout need a ghost town??? That would be cool to model :)

    .......... and since your railroad is in America, consider joining the North American Rail Alliance It's not affiliated with The Gauge, but is run by Catt - a long time member here :) A lot of us are members there too :) There's lots more "Specific" information available there :) :)

    ~~ See ya !!!
  8. sdduckguy

    sdduckguy New Member

    Thanks for the kind words Mikey. I have checked out the posts and photo's for Matthryo and Shamus, they do great work. I can see that Matthyro is greatly missed, he was truly an exceptional craftsman.
    The idea of a ghost town is great. I think it'll fit in just fine. But it does bring up a question I've been pondering. I do want to have a "busy" layout but I don't want to overdo it and end up with a "cartoonish" look. I know we condense reality considerably. My layout is 9 feet long, that's 783 scale feet. I will have a town, Deadwood Dakota Territory, but primarily I'd like a rural look. In this space I propose having; the town, a mountain with a tunnel, a mine and stamp mill, a logging operation (not a sawmill per se but the mine needs timber for it's square sets), a mountain stream and waterfall, a pond for the fly fisherman and a slough for duck hunting. Also I really like Doc Holliday's idea of a shotgun wedding (particularly since my youngest daughter is to be married in June). Also the scenes of a jailbreak, a lynching, a bank robbery and a jailbreak are also excellant ideas. But my fear is that the overall look will be too much.
    Another related thought that I've had is that there are so many good photographers doing fine microphotography where they show only one small scene I have trouble seeing or envisioning the look of the entire layout.
    I guess I'm rambling now so I'll cut it off.
    I will check out NARA as you suggest.
  9. kmorris

    kmorris Member

    Welcome to The-Gauge, Bill! Those pics looked like my attic as of a couple weeks ago. 30 or so years of junk up there.. Its amazing what we keep over the years..

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