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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by nolink5750, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. nolink5750

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    Just a hint, and a question also. This week I thought I had a little extra money. So after work I ran to the LHS and picked up a bulk pack of Micro Trains #1038-10 Barber Roller bearing trucks. I was having a lot of trouble with the cars I have, cause I bought most of the on evil bay. So I figured get some good trucks and I will be happy, "WRONG". After installing the first couple of sets, I realized that my cars were like an inch apart. Somehow this does not look "real". After doing some research I find out they make a "short extention" and a "medium extention" and a "long extention". I guess I bought the long extention kind.
    Now the newbee "me", would like to know. What can I use these couplers I bought for. As I sure don't like my cars spaced and inch apart. Maybe I can get some short extentions and inter mix them? Or do they make long extentions for a specific reason? Any help here would be great. I hope I didn't just waste close to $50 bucks. wall1
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    I did the same thing once and...

    ...pulled them off the cars I'd started- 3 or 4. I managed not to mangle the packaging and slipped them back in and took them back where I got 'em. They looked at the package- I had taped it closed- they said, "No problem". I got the pack I wanted/needed and was on my way.

    That's kewl.:thumb:

    Otherwise- pull 'em off and post them on "evil bay" with the same story- picked up the wrong pack- take a hit in the wallet for $10 bucks and make the most of it.:curse:

    Or, gift wrap each pair and start handing them out as Christmas presents. Be sure to have a tear in your eye and tremor in your voice as you say, "I got these, just for you. (Of course the tear may come naturally as you watch the milkman save the wrapping paper and toss the trucks!):eek:

    Best regards,


  3. nolink5750

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    Well now, that was all funnysign1 But they have to make them for some reason. If no one wants them, why would they make them? If they make them just to sell them to newbees that don't know better I would think people would get P.Oed and quit buying their stuff. I really think there must be a reason.
  4. railohio

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    They're for long cars, auto racks and flat cars.
  5. 60103

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    I had them under some 85' boxes and piggybacks. Look for cars that have the trucks set way in from the ends.
  6. umtrr-author

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    Also, they simulate the extended draft gear on couplers that is usually indicative of cushion underframes.

    Most of the time, the "short extension" trucks work on your basic 40 and 50 foot cars. There is the occassional exception where the "medium extension" trucks work better, for example the Life-Like Northeastern Caboose.
  7. nolink5750

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    Cool, thanks for the info guys. At least I know I can use them, if not now at least in the future. I did put a couple sets on some flat bed carrier cars and they look ok. I checked some passinger cars I have and the trucks are set in farther but there 6 wheel trucks. But I get the idea about looking for cars like that. George, thanks for the info. I can see I might need a combination of them before I'm done. Guess I just got a little excited to fast. So not a waste of money thats good :thumb:

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