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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jimlar47, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. jimlar47

    jimlar47 New Member

    I am getting back into model rr H.O after a 30 year break, boy how things have changed, this new stuff is really cool, l have been lurking here for a week and trying to figure out what i an going to do, regarding a layout, type of engines and general type of equipement that i want to use. I think i will stick with atlas until i learn a little more. Question is have anyone delt with this online store nsh hobbbies they have real good prices and i just did not want to get ripped off. i dont know if this was the right place to ask this sorry if i am in the wrong place, i also posted this in the general forum.


  2. YmeBP

    YmeBP Member

    The link didn't work and i couldn't find it in google, do you have a direct link you can copy and paste?
  3. Seaboard

    Seaboard Member

    If you don't want to get ripped off try another online train store. Most Iv'e been to have fairly descent prices. Try internettrains for example. I have purchased from them in the past and have been very reliable and they've been good about shiping on the proposed date.

    BTW Welcome to The Gauge :)
  4. jimlar47

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    try this link i was looking at their progedy dcc for $189.00 list around $339.00 and atlas remote turnouts for $9.99 list for $16.50 9'' track for .55 ea ,sounds to good to be true ??? what do i know ??? if you can help thanks

  5. jimlar47

    jimlar47 New Member

    RR man

    it is that some times some prices sound to good to be true, i just thought if someone had delt with this store in the past and could give some feed back . .i would feel better about dealing with them.check them out atlas remote turnouts $9.99 ea every one else $12.50 to $16.50 ea i an going to need 20 turnouts at a savings of $2.50 ea. thats over a $60.00 savings thanks for the link that place looks good.

  6. LongIslandTom

    LongIslandTom Member

    NHSHobbies' prices are average...

    I would avoid Internet Trains like the plague.
    I placed an order with them back in June last year, and they didn't ship my stuff until November, and not everything I ordered was there. They finally refunded me for the items they couldn't get for me, even though on their site it's marked as "available" all this time. Their customer service is terrible.

    Some of the more reputable places I've dealt with online would be M.B. Klein's, Discount Trains Online and Toy Train Heaven. I've gotten very good customer service from them, and they don't ignore you like Internet Trains would.

    Tip: If you are going to buy on-line, order from a vendor in another state. That way you don't pay sales tax.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Seaboard

    Seaboard Member

    I have been to that site before but haven't purchased from. I know how you feel about the prices at the best and then they charge an arm and a leg for shipping and late orders:curse: . You have to be careful with the online stores they can be funny about that. I'm sure there maybe somebody on here who has delt with them. Happy to help though.
  8. Seaboard

    Seaboard Member

    Hmm, that didn't happen with me but I'll take your word for it.
  9. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    First off - Welcome!

    There's plenty of good internet sites to buy from...but you might consider locating a local hobby store too. There's nothing like talking to someone about a product in person as opposed to trading emails. I try to buy from my LHS (local hobby store) as much as possible. Sure, for some things I might pay a little more, but the service is great and I don't want to see them close.
  10. jimlar47

    jimlar47 New Member

    Longlslandtom, RR man, Herc Driver

    thanks for your help i will definitely try the links that you gave me, i am just trying to be careful as i an really ready to get started and i don't want to get into a bad situation with a online store, I am dealing with a local hobby store near where i live and the owner seems very negotiable, i am really going to try to buy every thing off him, he told me that when i get everything together to come back and he would give me a good deal, if he can keep his prices anywhere even close to a online store i will deal with him, i really try to support the local business if i can, there is a lot to be said for one on one customer support if you have a problem, been there done that and again and again thanks for your help i will let you all know what happens.

  11. fsm1000

    fsm1000 Member

    Hello Jim and welcome and welcome back as well. You are in the right place. As for that website I don't know them sorry, so I couldn't say. As for online stores you can always check the Better Business Bureau. It has saved me a time or two.
    I hope that helps :)
  12. jimlar47

    jimlar47 New Member


    thanks, it does not seem that anyone has used those guys , i think that i will see what kind of a deal i can get local, thanks for the welcome.


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