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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by PrairieTrains, Jul 22, 2008.

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    I believe I have this narrowed down - but just want to make sure. Just got this Proto 2000 HO ALCO PA Loco (by Walthers) that is DCC ready. From the best I can tell I need the DH163P Decoder for the PA and PB units. I was a bit confused about what they call a 9 - pin connector - clearly this unit has an 8 pin. Perhaps the nine pin plugs into the decoder and not the original pc board???

    Also - it says to replace the bulbs with a 12v/40 ma - I've read that you actually need a 14v bulb. This unit has a MARS light - does that take a special bulb?? Thank you for your help - AGAIN! Pat (I've attcahed a jpg of the unit) :wave:

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    PrairieTrains, so you have a Proto 2000, thats one of the EASIEST brand of engines you could possibly install a decoder into, it will take you longer to get the shell off then it will take to install a decoder into it:winki: . they have an 8 pin socket, STAY AWAY from 9 pin plug decoders.

    I am sorry, i DON'T use Digitrax decoders, i never had good luck with them:roller: , but, thats probably just me:119: ( ..that and i only use sound decoders). Honestly, ANY HO brand decoder will fit fine in that engine as long as it has an 8 pin plug on the end of it:winki: .
    you want lighting effects, make sure the decoder comes with that function, as far as the lights go, i use Walther's 16v bulbs, just be sure NOT to let them touch the plastic, they get hot. (just for kicks, try NOT changing the bulbs out, i have done this before on P2K engines, and have lucked out a couple times:winki: ).

    If your specifically looking to use a Digitrax decoder, there are quite a few on here that use them, perhaps they will chime in with the Digitrax info you need:thumb: .
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    Digitrax decoders have a 9 pin in line socket and come with a cable that is already plugged into it, which terminates in the 8 pin plug you need. I've not had any trouble with them. They make that cable in two lenghts, 2 1/2" and 5", I think.
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    I'll let you know

    Thanks to everyone who responded. I also sent a couple of emails and got almost instant replies. I've ordered a couple of the DH163P's - probably could have got more features - but did not want to press my luck! I've also ordered some 14v bulbs. I 'm sure this isn't as daunting a task as I have imagined. I've got a lot of time to tinker and learn. I will post a final report when I get-ir done. Train Whistle While You Work - Pat :wave:
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    You might want to look into using LEDs for lights. The LEDs will out last your locomotives. Lights will not last as near as long.
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    Regarding your question on the mars light, it works by having 2 bulbs installed in one fixture. The electronics on the circuit board then flashes the 2 bulbs alternately to make it look like a mars light. The bulbs are aimed in different directions to make it appear to be a rotating light. Put in 2 small enough bulbs of the correct voltage, and the unit will work fine.

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