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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Auzze, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Auzze

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    I'm looking to build a 2 level N Scale layout based on the UP railway, but have not decided on waht area to do, I'm looking for a main yard with interchange. A few small towns that I can do some switching aswell as have main line trains.

    Any ideas or help would be great.

  2. Papa Bear

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  3. Auzze

    Auzze New Member

    Hi, Yes I have the DVD, but it would be rude to copy !!!!! :thumb:


    The layout that is.
  4. emt49

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    WOW!!!!! i think i am going to get the dvd
  5. SD90

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    If you are going to model UP, you will be able to model almost any area! If you model a southern area, you won't have to make very many trees! :rolleyes: Unlike the area I am modeling! :cry:
  6. Triplex

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    Double-deck, possibly operations-oriented - you sound like my kind of guy. :D All that means is, I can help you if you give me more advice. Standard questions follow.

    What space is available? Why have you decided on double-deck before starting the plan? Is it that you've realized you don't have enough room in a single-deck layout?

    What's the time period? Among other things, this will determine minimum radius. UP is one of the few railroads where modern (biggest engine: SD90MAC) takes less space than 1950 (Big Boy), 1960 (gas-turbine) or 1970 (DDA40X). A question not too many people ask: What length of trains will you be running?

    Any other special requirements?
  7. Auzze

    Auzze New Member

    "OK, space is the main room is 12' x 8' with a small 8' x 8' room
    I was going to build the layout on 2 walls in a L shade. with a helix cnnecting them. In the small room I was going to put the upper and lower storage yard which will be 4 tracks each. Also in the small room I was going to setup my modeling area and test track"

    "Ok period will be moden, 1995 to present day" (I just love the intermodol, hopper and railrunners)."

    "Like to have some switching areas plus A small yard with engine service area."

    Hope that helps.

  8. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    Why have you already decided how many tracks should be in the staging yards? 4 each isn't much.

    Why does the layout have to be in an L shape? Do the other walls have to be kept clear (more than one entrance?) I'd like to see a plan of the room.

    Please explain the reasons for your decisions! You seem to be deciding on things in the wrong order.
  9. Auzze

    Auzze New Member


    Why 4 tracks in the staging area.. Well that will give me 8 trains, 4 in each staging. Plus I don't wish to spend thousands of dollars on locos and rolling stock, I would like to spend most of the money on the layout it's self.

    Yes, there are only the 2 walls that are free of anything, so it will have to be L shaped.

    OK, in what order should I be starting the layout.

    I have not started building, I'm collecting track and points.

  10. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    Track is cheap in comparison to engines and cars. (Even the number of trains you describe won't be cheap; nothing in model railroading is. :mad: 8 trains, each with 2 engines and, say, 15 cars - at $100/engine and $30/car, that's $4400. With high-end equipment - $200/engine and $70/car - that's $10000. :eek: ) I'd suggest putting in more staging tracks than you need at the start, to allow for the inevitable expansion of your roster in the future. The saying goes, put in twice as much staging as you think you'll need, because you'll find a use for it. :D

    My advice would be, don't make decisions about the form it'll take prematurely. First, make sure you can articulate your goals clearly to yourself. Decide what you want, then start planning how you'll get it. Double-decking or 4-track staging yards are very specific design decisions; they're means to ends, not ends in themselves. (I'll likely end up advising double-decking anyway; modern mainline action on one deck in your space will probably be cramped.)

    Since you already have some idea of what you're looking for, I'd suggest making rough sketches of mainline routing and benchwork. Consider different options, so you don't miss out on a good idea.

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