New to N Scale Railroading in DCC

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by gregbva123, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. gregbva123

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    Is N Scale just like HO railroading but smaller? Is there any disadvantages of using N Scale railroading? I'm having trouble finding DCC PRR engines?

    Thanks, Greg
  2. Agatheron

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    N-Scale allows for greater track-to-scenery, longer trains, more track in less space... etc... The disadvantages can come if you have trouble seeing things up close, because the equipment can be quite small... Almost everything that's available for HO is avaialble for N... you just need to be a bit more creative as to how you find it, or be prepared to do some conversion work. Most newer locomotives are easy to convert to DCC. Sound inside the locomotives is still in development, but no-doubt coming...

    DCC PRR engines? What era? Most current lines from Atlas can be ordered with the decoder pre-installed... Any locomotive can be after-market wired for DCC as well... I took a quick look on one site and found a whole whack of N-Scale PRR diesels, many of which were already DCC equipped...
  3. glenn railey

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    Which site did you check on line. I am thinking about adding to me collectionbut would like for it to be DCC equipped.


  4. Agatheron

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    The place I did the search on was Pacific Western Rail Systems out of Vancouver BC. Their online price listings are in US $$... They may not be the best priced ones out there, but they do have a great online catalogue and product line. What I like about their online catalogue, you can do a specific search, which can allow you to find all n-scale PRR diesels, for example... I found it useful when doing a search for the availability of VIA rail equipment for example (which there isn't a great deal, BTW) :)

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