New run of E8/9 from P2K !

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by IMRL393, Aug 14, 2002.

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  2. IMRL393

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    BTW, if you are wondering why the Rock Island UP yellow scheme instead of, say maroon with yellow wings (like on the last ROCKETS), the ROCK didn't buy E8Bs with their original order of E8s.

    They only got E8Bs along with the remaining E8As they got from UP.

    So if Life-like wants to produce A/B units, this is the only scheme they could do!

    - George
  3. rockislandmike

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    And, fortunately, Life-Like does their homework.
  4. msh

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    Proto 2K E8 Questions

    I won't repost my original message, but would appreciate it if you could you look under the Tech section and address my questions? They are on this specific line and model.

  5. trainworm

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    i am hoping hoping hoping that they will do Union Pacific units also.

    i have been wanting a re run of E8/9's for a long time now.:D
  6. IMRL393

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    From all the remarks I am hearing from the ol'yellow crowd, I'm sure LL will have a UP in the next batch - after all, ya gotta do the important roads (like RI) first....


    - George
  7. clumber

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    At least they are doing a Santa Fe loco.

    Must have another Santa Fe loco :D
    Wife says I have too many and then encourages me to look at EBay so I cannot win.

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