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  1. DeWayne

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    After a short absence I am very happy to announce some new releases.

    1. Dewoitine 510ci : Entering service late 1936, the D-510 quickly became the main fighter employed by the Armee de l'Air until their replacement by the MS 406 in September of 1939. Sold to Latvia, Emirate of Hedjaz and by the Chinese against the Japanese in 1938. Details enough to keep most builders happy for many hours.
    Order reference : 133-D-510-01

    2. PZL-50A 'Jastrzab' (Hawk). Intended to replace the ageing PZL P-11, the Hawk was found to be underpowered using the production engine, a Bristol Mercury VIII. As there were 50 already on the production line it was decided to complete 30 of them for testing until a better engine was found. Sadly, the beginning of WWII ended the career of the Hawk. The only completed craft crashed when it ran out of fuel during a test flight.

    With this kit you can build 6 different versions.

    Specially priced (see site)!! Order reference: 133-PZL-50-Hawk

    3. Roman has ventured off into new territory with the release of his 1/72 scale armor. Most are early armor and done in some odd and interesting configurations. Consider, if you will, his first offering here of the Swedish Armor vehicle, Stridsvagn

    Models available for delivery Monday afternoon. See them at


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  2. Ashrunner

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    Good to have you back with us, DeWayne. Hope all is well.

    The models look good. I may be ordering the 510 soon.

    Will email you in a day or two with an update on my end.

  3. DeWayne

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    Hello Lauren,
    Ran across your new addition (the hearse) and d/l'ed it. Haven't had a chance to print it but will and add it to the other wonderful little gems you have done. Seems like I heard something about the theater set somewhere but don't remember now. Where be it my friend?
    Feels great to be roaming the webs again.
  4. Ashrunner

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    It's at The Webdude's site now.

    Check the link below and scroll down a ways. The Drive-In Theater is waiting 8v)

    And it is good to have you back.


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