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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by screwysquirrel, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. this is a first draft of my two-door trackplan.

    It has a min radious of 11" (with some 19", 12-3/8 and 13-3/4 curves as well). It fits some of my planes: Its a double folded dogbone (with no less than 3 dogbone curves), has 2 levels, and the industrial switching area and the yard can be run simultaniously. There are no passing sidings, except that my Yard lead/AD track could act as one, and I could add them on one of the dogbones (the elevated one) and along the back straightaway, though much of that is blocked by the mountain that will form the upper left third of the layout. The only grade is a 2% grade that runs up +2 inches , leaving adequate clearance for the up-n-over part of the dogbone.

    The Industry area will probably be called 'bowl city': with the grade rising around it and the mountain to one side, it WILL feel like its in the bottom of a bowl.

    Thoughts? plans? suggestions?

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    Screwy, that is an interesting plan. It looks very familiar though. I built one almost exactly like that from Mike's small trackplans. It's a fun layout.
    Anyhow, the one problem I see is the industries at "bowl " city look like they will be frustrating to switch. The runaround looks to short.
    Wait... this is n scale. You might be ok.

  4. Its based on a mod to one of his track plans I made on a door back in 2003.

    I'm also probably going to elevate that S curve around the yard by about 1" (a 2% grade for 10 segments) to add some separation.

    And yeah, in N a 50' boxcar is only 4" long and each segment is 5".
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    That is a long - and interesting - mainline routing. The yard tracks seem a little short, though. There's one curve section before the ladder starts. I think if you put a switch there, you'll get a bigger yard. I think that'll require a pinwheel ladder, though, and will it allow room for the engine terminal?
  6. an update

    I've played a little with the industrial switching area, creating an inglenook yard and 5 industries to switch off the yard. It'll be a little workout spot for my SW900/1200. It can take an incoming train or assemble a 5-unit local in the inglenook.

    This version is also colored to distinguish zones.

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    That is a LONG mainline! Wow! Great combination of continous running and point to point work. You'll never get bored with that layout!

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