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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Peirce, Oct 5, 2002.

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    being a truck driver gotta love them old trucks wouldn't want to drive one for a living alot of them where very hard to drive (no power steering not fun) where is the danbury rr located at I go up that way some time :D :D rich
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    Thats cool, yes I am a fan of the big rigs.
    I like them so much I went to a driving school to get my CDL's.

    Had a ball driving for my brother-n-law at harvest last year. I drove a truck named "tiger" It had six inch straight pipes (loud) but it seemed to me it's growl was worse than it's bite:D
    I came in runner up as far as pulling the heaviest load, it was just over 99,000 lbs. GVW :eek:

    To me They are awesome machines. Glad there is a place like this to see them up close at.
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    The Danbury Railway Museum is located in the City of Danbury, CT. If you are going east on I-84, you would use exit 5 and follow the signs to the railroad station. On I-84 west, use exit 6. The museum is in the old Danbury Union Station, and part of it is the former New Haven railyard. The new Metro North station is on the opposite side of the yard from the museum.

    The new truck museum is just off exit 16 of I-84.
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    I go that way when 95 is back up real bad when Icome out of meriden ct on the way back to philly as a matter of fact I'm going up there tonight and tomorrow night:D :D rich

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