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  1. Waldbahner

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    Hello all,

    I'm new to this forum, so I'll say some words about me and my logging railroads.

    I'm 23 Years old and are living in the western of germany. I'm working as a programmer and I use most of my sparetime for my girlfriend, modelrailroads and making music.

    By the way, "Waldbahner" means logging railroader in german.

    Since I saw the first picture of a Shay in LGB-Telegramm, I'was fascinated by this lokomotives. 4 years ago, I've got the change to buy the collection of logging equipment in Fn3 from a new friend, how started modeling in 7/8th scale.
    This was the begining of my first logging line.

    Today, I've three logging lines in operation. 2 in Fn3 (My one the one of my friend) and one in On30 with the nicely B-Mann Shay. And the 4th line is comming soon, when my Atlas-Shay is arrived.

    To present my models and to show the german modelrailroaders what us-logging is, I've build a mobile layout in Fn3 to show all the operation of a logging railroades. The working spartree and logloader are used to load the logs on disconnects, that are pulled from shay ore climax to the logdump on the oterside of the U-shaped Layout.

    Actually I'm working on a class A Climax in N-scale. I want to use a mechanisem from a german diesel (BR212). I'll post pictures of the model in progress.

    You will find pictures and some describtions on my webside This is my portal to us-logging for germans.
    Some parts are translated into english and the rest will come next time with the new version.

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  2. neilmunck

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    Welcome to the gauge :wave:

    Thats some really nice modelling :cool:, what scale is it in?

  3. Waldbahner

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    Hi Neil,

    the logloader is in Fn3-scale. That represents 3ft gauge in 1:20,3 on 45mm gauge.
    The loco on left is the big Spectrum-Shay from B-Mann.
  4. philip

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    Gerd : Welcome! Great stuff there!:thumb: Once apon a time I was stationed in Bad Kissingen. Timber Jockeys are in short supply here!

  5. Ho Modeler

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    Is that a Mcgriffert Log Loader?
    And could we see a top view of the spar and loader together?
  6. Chessie6459

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    Looks great :thumb: :thumb:

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