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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by lawnchoker, Dec 28, 2002.

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    thanks to all who are helping me, didnt think id learn how to use my computer by getting into trains but it works for me :D im building 2ft by 4ft tables to put the layout on, ben playing with the realtrack for couple of weeks trying to get the most out of the area takes time to figure out what works with what fells like ive already built a couple of layouts :D greg i have a sf freight starter set steam my son liked that one, would like to make a ore mine ind. from the up of mich. ted going to try putting your thoughts into it i wanted that long bridge in the back would be really cool, jeff
  2. lawnchoker

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    ok this is the layout i want, the outside loop will be higher going up around the turns inside the large hills on the right and left, emerging out of the hills to a long straight with a long wooden bridge, inside area will have ore mine and related ind. and do a small mining town on the other side. would like to use cp line circa 1950s mix of steam & deisels, think there was another line that also would work cant remember which one, so does this look like it will work? jeff

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    sorry gang cropping thing

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    It looks like you will have enough track to get the elevation change you're looking for. It takes about 12 feet in "S" to get a five-inch elevation rise at a moderate grade. I expect "O" is similar. Remember, as you are building the layout, allow yourself the opportunity to change your mind as you discover new possibilities. A "wiggle" or two in your layout wouldn't hurt, unless you have a design goal that demands symmetry.

    Using “modular” benchwork is a good idea. Never know when life will ask you to relocate your layout.

    Have fun. Keep us posted.


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