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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by artur_p, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. artur_p

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    Hi guys, I'm just finishing my basement and I have a planed area for my layout. its going to be an L shape shelf layout with a loop at each end, the length of the layout will be 5.6 x 6.0 meters and I have about 1.4 meters on each end for the loops. Do you guys have any good ideas or pictures for this type of layout also how big do the loops have to be to make the trains look realistic. Thanks.

  2. LoudMusic

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    Not having built a layout of that style myself I'm not an authority, however, with a 1.4 meter (55 inch) diameter you've got plenty of room to put in a realistic looking curve of track. I believe the going rate is about 56cm (22 inch) radius which you've got with plenty of extra space. I would recommend making the near side of the loop a larger radius and tighten it up in a tunnel on the opposite side - that way you can get several more centimeters of radius out of the space you have.

    Are you wanting it to run as a loop without reusing the track in the middle to go both direction, or do you want to have a reversing loop on each end and use the same track through the middle going both directions?
  3. Gil Finn

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    You can break up a small curve with trees and foilage or with that and buildings and creat a larger loop illusion.

    Illusion is a big part of a well planned layout I feel
  4. nolatron

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    I don't know the names of any L-shaped layouts off hand, but browse through the HO section at layout database. I'm sure there's gotta be at least one.
  5. artur_p

    artur_p New Member

    thanks for the replys guys, this is going to be a large dubble track loop layout in a form of an L

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