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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by bvoges, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. bvoges

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    Hi all!

    I just joined the forum and wanted to say Hi. I had a trainset as a kid; might have been Lionel, but I'm really not sure. I do remember very vividly the smell from the transformer, and the little thumbscrews for attaching the wires to the transformer, and what the locomotive looked like.

    Later on I was into HO slot cars, building ship models, building armor models, but never got back to railroading.

    Never had a set as an adult, never had the space for it. Thinking about it now; might be time to get a Hogwarts Express for my daughters and go from there. It would really be for me, of course, they're both into Harry Potter but I can't see them getting into trains much.

    Full disclosure: I'm also an internet ecommerce retailer and recently have started a trainset store. But I'm not here in the forum to spam you or to sell to you; just to learn as much as I can so I can really understand and serve my market to the best of my ability.

    Looking forward to hanging out here, it seems like a real friendly place. I'll listen and learn, and contribute when I can.

    thanks for welcoming me . . .

    Bob Voges
  2. Sirfoldalot

    Sirfoldalot Member

    OK .. I will bite.
    First of all welcome - As U can see I am an "old fart" new member as well, but I do really enjoy the Forum - Lots of good ideas and some really beautiful talented modeling. Been away from modeling/trains for almost 30 years but really getting into it again.

    What kind of store are you opening?
    What part of the world are U from?
    What is the address of your store? (internet)
    Do you take credit? sign1
  3. bvoges

    bvoges New Member

    more about me and my store

    It's specifically a model train store. Right now I only have Bachmann and Lionel sets; no individual cars, track, or anything like that. For the time being I am selling the Lionel sets at full retail, just because of the wholesale price I'm paying, so it's not a great deal.

    The Bachmann sets are at 25% off retail. Free shipping on orders over $200.

    I'm marketing mainly to parents at the moment; people who want to buy a trainset for their kid and don't know where to begin.

    Over time I will add more sets; cars, track, accessories, scenery, etc; and hopefully more manufacturers if I can line up suppliers.

    Store has just gone online recently and I am in the process of building traffic to the site. No sales as of yet, but it's early days.

    As soon as I start to get some sales, I'm going to buy myself a set.

    I am located in Massachusetts.

    Store is at

    No, I don't take credit. I only take zorkmids. :twisted:

    Hey, you asked !!

  4. platypus1217

    platypus1217 Member

    Looks like a neat site. Good luck with it.
  5. Mountain Man

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    Good to meet you! :thumb:
  6. MadHatter

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  7. nkp174

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    With young kids, there are two nice ways to go: Lionel or Large scale. Lionel wins in the theme department (Harry Potter, Thomas, & Polar Express), but I think Large scale wins in all other categories (for me). Either goes over well.

    Of course, my 3.5 month old loves his HO/OO Thomas set.

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