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    Hello everyone. New guy here. Let me say this is a great site to have in the collection for all types of information. I myself am a new N scaler, and with that comes my first question. Now remember I am new here so forgive me if I ask an old question someone else has most likely asked many times before. Okay, I am officially going crazy now! I am building a grain elevator for my layout out of 1/16" balsa sheets. I had the major parts ready to go as of Sunday. The grain elevator will be a structure that needs to appear to have been there for many years, therefore I need to figure out how to make the wood have that old, graying, distressed look. Does anyone have any experience making their structures appear this way that could give me a few pointers, or a certain technique used?

    So far I have tried a few variations of thinned down acrylic raw umber, and black, and other variations of those colors hand painted on, but nothing seems to be working here. Can anyone please help me with this?
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    sorry blue text doesnt work,

    too hard on not so old of eyes.

    Just an suggestion, not trying to be a
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    Welcome to The Gauge. Take a look in the new "Weatherin Forum" ( for some tips and tricks.

    One straightforward way to age wood is to use a few drops of India Ink in alcohol. This will warp the wood, so you will have to weight it while it dries. Alternately, you can paint the wood (both sides to minimze warping) and then dirty up the elevator's paint job with drybrushing and other aging techniques.

  4. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    Some members use the "Gauge New" colour scheme which shows all text (including the composing window) as black (or other colour) on white. This is not necessarily known to the member posting the message, and they may choose blue text (or green, which is also difficult).

    Unfortunately, this means that if you are viewing the message in the "Gauge Classic" scheme, you get whatever colour they chose, instead of the default (white on blue or black on white) which does switch automatically.

    However, if you want to read the message, go the the very bottom of any screen, and you can switch between colour schemes.

    Hope that helps the "not so old eyes" ;) :D


    PS - I am an "old school" Gauge Classic viewer - Reminds me of WordPerfect for DOS that I used in my university days ;)
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    Well, some distress appears to have secret to old wood is to put away the brown paint. Old wood isn't brown, it's gray! Start with something like spray model primer and then give it an ink wash (91% alcohol with a couple drops of India ink) to bring out the texture.
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    Sorry bout' that jcoop. Now I know for the next time. Also, thanks for the tips and link Andrew.
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    Hello and welcome cellis. Don't go to crazy, take your time and I am sure you will find the answer here. :)
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    I will say it againsign1

    Welcome To The-Gauge Cellis.

    Enjoy Your Stay Here.:wave:

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