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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Aberdabr, Nov 12, 2007.

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    I need to get down there! i can't be to far away.. hes only 45 minutes down route 38 from me!
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    Hello mr. Shame! TT= 1:120, which is smaller than HO, do your research. Research before you begin to type something on this forum, please for the benefit of other people who want to know the correct answers to their questions.

    S scale IS a major scale, it's not just American Flyer anymore. Check out these HIGHLY detailed models by S Helper Service, some of the best injection molded plastic models I've ever seen. American Flyer Compatible S scale model trains from the Showcase Line Lots of people do S scale, or this, and a handful of other companies wouldn't have spent millions (NO KIDDING) to tool up and create these S scale trains.

    OO scale is 1:76, which I think you might have thought TT was. Anyways, OO is a distinctly british scale, so no worrys there.

    Bachmann's On30 offerings are the best route for stuff to match the Dept. 56 buildings in scale. Plus, they're big enough to play with, and sturdy too. Not to mention that they're excellent looking too.

    I'd go with E-Z track or equivalent snap-together roadbed track, like Atlas' True Track.
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    Alright, alright, lets do try to show our new members how civil and well behaved we can be. I don't think anyone is intentionally trying to knock any particular scale.

    Here's a little summary of scale and gauge issues fro the National Model Railroad Association NMRA - Scale & Gauge
    Perhaps that wil be helpful.

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    You are right, coming down route 38 to Collingswood/Westmont. Bruce, the owner of Sattler's is on Haddon Ave across from McMillian Bakery. He is an NMRA Dealer, has lots of contacts, including a guy who is going to put dcc and sound in my Zephyr. He will work with you and your family. Send the kids or your significant other in to talk. With luck I get the foam and start the remainder of my benchwork tomorrow. Interestingly the cats approve of DCC operation, they are fascinated by couple clang and wheel squeal. The bell, not so much, The whistle, not at all.
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    For those interested in seeing a little bit of good looking On30 here's a good example in our own Narrow Gauge forum where there is more to see.
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    For more explanation of the incredibly confusing variety of scales and gauges, try Scales and gauges - HobbyWiki ... except I'm not sure if it's right.
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    How are things rolling?

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