New (abandoned) Warehouse

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by TexDoc, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. TexDoc

    TexDoc Member

    What a weekend! Plans included cleaning out the garage. Hey, there is a car parked in there. And as soon as I make another trip to the dump there can be a truck in there too.
    Now on to modeling. I have been working on a abandoned warehouse as a view block for an upper return track. I found several DPM modular wall sections I had had for years hidden at the bottom of a storage box. Well, there tis..

    The junk in the yard, propane tank, tires, drums, dumpster, I found today while cleaning and rearranging . Also the weeds. luckily I had the fence from the early 90's, too. Even most of the roof details are old and un or re used. Oh Yeah, the parking lot is brick. I found this in a N-Scale Architects kit. I never built the kit but the brick came in handy. Had that stashed away,too.

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  2. joesho

    joesho Member

    sounds interesting,picture??
    :D btw good job
  3. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    That looks really good! The place is going to seed. Nice roof details too! By the way, I like your Fall foliage in the background.
  4. Gary S.

    Gary S. Senior Member

    That is really nice! You gotta love those DPM wall sections. I've got a bunch stored up over here too, and as soon as I get some track laid, I'll go to town with them.
  5. CAS

    CAS Member

    Real nice looking building. Maybe add a few boarded up windows, private property-keep out signs.

  6. berraf

    berraf Member

    Why are the warehouse abandoned?
    Sounds interesting to start from that point of view :)
    By the way, the building and the area looks great!
  7. TexDoc

    TexDoc Member

    To make the warehouse/building in use would necessitate more space, people, vehicles, and other sundry items. By abandoning the property the entire scenic arrangement is different. The fence closed, the lot filled with forgotten items, and I guess mainly this is the look of so many older building of this type across America. I live in a city where most of what was a thriving downtown is now empty, abandoned buildings. Around our port area there are scores of factories and assorted buildings abandoned and in various states of disrepair.
    Just seemed like a good idea to me,
  8. Denyons

    Denyons Member

    I like your idea.......
    I was going to glue some photos of old buildings behind my main street, (onto my backdrop) but I think I may use some DPM profiles myself.
  9. cnw1961

    cnw1961 Member

    Great scene, not just the building. I like the idea of an abandoned warehouse and you executed it very well :thumb: .
  10. Sir_Prize

    Sir_Prize Member

    For "parts box digging" looks mighty well planned to me.
    Great stuff...
  11. berraf

    berraf Member

    Looking at the pictures once again and now I noticed the fence. How did you do it?
    That kind of fence is needed mils off on a layout. Perhaps you have a tip about how to do realistic fence? Hope so :)
  12. TexDoc

    TexDoc Member

    I can take no credit for the fence. This is a Gold Medal product. Each package contains 240 scale feet of brass chain link fence. Packages come with or without gates which you can open. Barbed wire on the top that is bent out. I sprayed the pieces with Scalecoat II grime.
    luckily I had several packages of fence stored away (like everything I used for the project). I say luckily because the price on the packages of fence was exactly 1/2 the price they sell for today. I bought these in the early 90's.
    I see where BLMA is producing fence in HO and N. It is always good to have more than one source.

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