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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by trainworm, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. trainworm

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    on sunday morning we delivered a load to Reno, then found out that we didnt reload till the next morning. so, me and my co-driver decided to take the scenic route into California again. we headed down 395 through Carson City and decided to stop by the railroad museum. i had been there once, wayyy back when i was little and i wanted to see it again. luckily, their parking lot is big enough for us to stuff our 18 wheeler into. they have an excellent collection of beautiful Virginia & Truckee steam locomotives and several passenger cars on display, with a big ol shop filled with many more cars in desperate need of repair. they also had a beautiful display of what looked like G scale models of every locomotive that the V&T owned with descriptions and the history of each prototype. these are very beautiful models. after wandering around a while taking pictures (they didnt turn out very well due to having to use the flash and me not holding the camera steady [:D]) we stopped in the gift shop. i was very suprised at the great selection of railroad books and videos they had. some i have been trying to find for a while. i ended up with a couple of SP DVD's and 2 books, SP color guide to freight and passenger equipment and SP in transition (a must have book for all SP nuts, especially latter day SP nuts). of course you pay full retail there, but you can find some hard to find books and support the museum at the same time[:D].

    here are a few of the locomotives they have lying around, looking beautiful.

    NVSRM #8

    V&T #18 Dayton (front)


    V&T #27

    V&T #22 Inyo

    V&T #25

    and here are some pictures of some other cool stuff they had around.

    Porter steam loco porter.JPG

    Tucson Cornelia & Gila Bend motorcar (you can take a ride on this one!) tcgb motorcar 1.JPG tcgb motorcar 2.JPG

    UP/WP caboose up caboose.JPG

    a friendly wave from the engineer of ol #27 vt 27 cab.JPG

    interior of a V&T coach vt coach interior.JPG

    outside of a V&T coach vt coach.JPG

    V&T Inyo drivers and Baldwin plate vt inyo drivers.JPG

    the controls of the Inyo vt steamer controls.JPG

    front view of the Inyo. these things are TALL! vt inyo front.JPG

    Live steam model of the V&T Reno vt reno model.JPG

    If any of y'all are ever anywhere near Reno you defnately need to stop by this place. it is just on the south side of Carson City on highway 395. if you are going south, it is on the right.
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    Very nice, the Reno is one of my favorite engines. just wondering did they have a daylight engine there?
  3. TrainClown

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    I just love those engines. Those are my kind of trains. Wood burning, big smoke-stacked, brass encrusted, timber cabbed beautys. They look like they could run. Can they run, or are they just museum fodder. If they run, do they ever run them?

    Thanks trainworm. This is my fave post in weeks! Now I want to make a pilgrimage to see it for myself.

    Chanting "Steaam.........Steeaaam...........Steeeeaaaaammm!" ;)

    TrainClown :D
  4. Chessie6459

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    Great Pics :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  5. Clerk

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    The wife and I were there a few years ago and they didn't have half the stuff they have now.. :cry: :cry:
  6. trainworm

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    i am pretty sure that one or two of them run. i think it is number 8 and 25. I didnt see any daylight engines there.

    this place is definately worth a trip. if you have to drag people along that dont like trains you can drop em off in Reno or lake Tahoe while you check out the museum and try to catch a train on Donner pass.
  7. Russ Bellinis

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    The modular club I belong to was up there over Labor Day weekend. We set up our layout in the Carson Mall, and had tours of the Museum. A couple of the guys in the club got cab rides under steam. I think they are having a big V&T symposium on the weekend of October 15. It will include a train running double headed steam. The museum also has the only McKean car left with the as built pointed front end as well as a spare McKean "parts" car. The McKean car was in the restoration shop that is normally closed to the public, but they gave us a tour of it as well.

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