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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by willist, Jan 13, 2007.

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    I just installed a Tsunami in my Bachmann 2-8-0. I used the conversion plug to plug the decoder into the circuit board in the tender. I placed the engine on my programing track and set the address. I then moved the engine to the main and switched on the power. The headlight came on and what I believe is the exhaust sound came on. I then tried to select a whistle when I tried to hear it I had to put my ear about 1" from the speaker (the tender shell was not on) anyway I could hardly hear it, same for the bell. I tried to adjust the exhaust volume nothing happened. When I lowered the master volume the exhaust sound level decreased I tried to increase both bell and whistle volume with no success. When I ran the engine there was no exhaust chuff noise only the straight exhaust sound ( a steady hissing sound). I tried adjust all the various sounds and nothing changed with the exception of the master volume, but of course that only effected the exhaust sound which I can adjust from no sound to very loud. Any ideas as to what I should do or should I just try returning it?
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    Try switching the speaker wires. Do you have the speaker in an enclosure? That helps a bunch. I took out the Bachmann board and hard wired the Tsunami in the tender. I used a meter set to conyinuity to check the wiresto where they went. The 2 pin connector it;s Red Left Rail, Black-Right Rail on the engine tires. THe ender is Front truck Left rail, Rear Right rail. The 4 pin plug White-headlight/ Blue-headlight. Red/motor-, Black/motor+.
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    Tsunami sound problems

    I've put Tsunamis in 3 G scale Bachmann's with no problems. The sound using the 2.5" speaker the tender came with is plenty loud without an enclosure. In a Porter I added an enclosure because the place in the loco meant for a 2" speaker isn't air tight. (BTW, in case anyone wonders, I'm using a separate NCE decoder for motive because the Tsunami only handles 1 amp)

    So you're saying you changed CV129 through 136 to control individual volumes with no difference? Did they read when you programmed them? The defaults should have been something less than 255 - like maybe 192. Something is definitely wrong if you can't alter the individual volumes.

    Regards the chuffing, did you go with the default autosync or are you attempting to drive the chuff of a cam?

    What size speaker do you have and is it not damaged? I doubt the polarity of the speaker wires will matter. You can't even tell which of the two purple Tsunami leads is positive without removing the wrapping, which they say not to do.

    When you get your problem solved, try the reverb effect. I found on some whistles it makes them sound quite realistic. I also tried the playable whistle (using an NCE Powercab) but it is sort of lame.

  4. rperego

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    Tsunami sound problems, continued

    More thoughts - have you looked at the complete document -

    You might check that default CV values are what they shoud be. For instance, check CV112 - bit 7 controls the CAM versus auto Exhaust - it should have come with a default of 0.

    What CAB are you using?

    If you can't figure it out, I've found the folks at Soundtraxx very helpful.

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    Thanks for guys for your input, I'm just afraid this is all beyond my capabilities. I don't understand electronics very well, thats why I bought the conversion plug. I'm not going to try anything I truly don't understand. I bought the Tsunami from Tony's Trains I'll call them Monday and maybe just send everything to them and let them install it.

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