need some help for a loyout for my dad he want it to be chicgo and dodge city run

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by scoobyloven, Feb 16, 2002.

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    need some help for a layout for my dad he want it to be chicgo and dodge city run

    My father came to me with his thought on his first layout.he want's to do. An L or U shape layout of the old chicago,dodge city line. in ho scale he want's it to be in the mid 1800's to the early 1900's with the old wood burning steam locomotives he want's point to point and loop with some switching. he asked me to help him in doing this for him noing i'm not in to ho scale right now. i've done 3 other layouts in the past and working on my 4th now. he likes how i get the right look from the things i've done with mine and he knows i would do my best to help. so it would be very help full for all of your thoughts. on this i don't know alot in this time frame. so if you have a plan that you think he would like please post it ....... :p
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    Hi scoobyloven,
    Could you provide some dimentions of the available space?
  3. scoobyloven

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    the available space would be 10 x 6 and he would like to go with 22 inch radious.
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    Here's something I doodled for you...I know it's a little rough, but maybe it will give you some ideas.
    I was working under the assumption that your room size was 10x6, so the actual layout is only 4x8, with some walk-in access.
    Minimum radius is 22", & since you said you liked point-to-point, that's what it is, crossing over itself at about a 60 degree crossing.
    Turnouts would be #4 (not to scale)
    Turntables are very small...about 9"...but by rearranging some track, you could probably make them 12"
    This is a completely level track plan...(just like Kansas! ;) )

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  5. scoobyloven

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    thanks for the plan but can we put in a loop at both ends for a larger main line and put the turn tables at each end.... i was talking to my father today and he would like one turn table at one end.. and one at the other or a siding for a run around to get the locomotive aroud the cars he wan't point to point and some switching to and some branch lines here and there you got the room size right it's more like 10 x 10 but their is a closet in the room so the space is 10 x 6 and he would like it to be in a ( L ) shape 10 feet X 6 feet so if their is more you need email me at and i'll be happy to get more info for you ....

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