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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by tomustang, Dec 7, 2007.

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    There are many pieces I've picked up at markets so I don't have a box for them, well most of my stuff is just sitting in one big box, Any of you guys know of any containers that'll fit most HO's?

    Here is one from Harbor Freight, Storehouse container. It cost $2 :



    They fit the open hoppers great, and gondolas up top. They don't fit larger units like the bigger boxcars though
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    I think you pretty much have to "roll your own." I've tried the Protopower West carrying cases, but I don't like the boxes much as they come. I think I've figured out how to make them better, but haven't had time to put my ideas into practice. One problem with trying to find a case to fit trains is that ore cars are 20-30 feet long, Cabooses are 30 feet long, boxcars may be 40', 50', 60', 85', or 89' long. The same is true of most other types of freight cars. One problem I see with the Harbor reight box is that the cars are stored and transported on their sides. That isn't a problem when you are using cars that have molded on detail, but if you have cars with separate details like grab irons, ladders, brake rigging, etc, and you transport them on their sides, when you get to your destination, many of the detail parts will be broken off.
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    It's sometimes possible to get empty boxes from your LHS, free for the asking. If this won't work, you can always make your own. I made the one below, and several others, for passenger cars, locomotives and MoW equipment. I started with sturdy boxes, with separate lids, free for the asking at your local supermarket: mine are pear or tomato boxes. The individual trays are made from more cardboard - appliance boxes are good because they're big, but any cardboard will do. Make the trays to fit snugly in the box, and size the compartments to suit. I used a hot glue gun to assemble them. Whether you store the rolling stock upright or lying on its side, make the trays deep enough so that the succeeding trays rest on the lower trays, not on the cars.



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    I found a set at Costco called "scrapbooking drawers". This was a plastic cabinet with 6 plastic drawers, each about a foot square and a couple of inches deep plus a snap over lid.
    This is big enough to hold most HO and OO cars right up to the monster boxcars and full-length passenger cars, but not articulated cars unless the come apart. Also most locomotives that will separate into separate units, but not major articulateds.
    I cut some foamcore into 2" high sections to separate the cars. I still need to make some end blocks.
    One drawer will hold a moderate train -- loco plus 6-8 coaches -- for transportation.
    Costco had them on sale 6 months ago and I bought the last complete ones; Michaels had them for about twice the price.
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    That's where foam comes in :thumb: haven't went to get any yet though

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