Need HO scale chain link fence............

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  1. Hello everyone, does anyone know where i can buy some descent HO scale chain link fence? I have the Walthers kind, but its too difficult to assemble. Any and all recomendations are appreciated. Thanks!:wave:

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    Sun screen, a razor and straight edge will allow you to cut it in any lengths. It's REALLY cheap and for posts you can use all kinds of stuff. Small pieces of metal cut to lengeth ect. The choices are ENDLESS! :)
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    This one sounds wierd, but try ladies stockings. Especially the no-run type. It's actually quite realistic. Plastruct has plastic coated wire you can adhere it to pretty easily.
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    There is this stuff people have been using for gift ribbons and wedding decorations. It's not been around too long. I super-glued the material to a fence I made out of little brass posts I got from the "beading" section at Jo Ann Fabrics and some piano wire. This meshlike "ribbon", I'll call it, comes in many colors and widths and even has a stiffener along the edge.

    Here's how it came out;

    [FONT=&quot] [​IMG]


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    I do mine with .020" brass wire and silver tulle (tool), the material used for bridal veils and such. The razor wire is spiral wound .010" steel wire wrapped around a 1/8" dowel. The difficult part is to keep wayward fingers off as the corner can tell...sigh...

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    I messed up, it is bridal stuff you use, not bug screen. Sorry. I knew what I ment. LOL :)
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    I've got a Design Preservation kit (gold edition) that has a chain link fence in it. They seem to use that Tulle material as well, streched over cast metal fromework that you can probably duplicate with brass or alluminum tubing.
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    I use nylon window screen cut at a 45 degree angle for the fencing and small head stick pins for the posts. It's easy to get, quick and inexpensive. Best of all, it looks good.
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    Sun screen, a razor and straight edge....

    It took me a loooooong time to get bug screen out of that. At first, all I got was a mental picture of a psycho wandering the beach in Florida, sizing up a victim. sign1 sign1 sign1
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