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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by little.baer, Dec 1, 2006.

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    I've got two Bachmann ready to run sets laid out together in a figure 8. I need to know how often the track should be cleaned and what is the best product to use & where to get it. The same thing is needed in regard to the two engines.



    some basic instruction would also be GREATLY appreciated!
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    I wipe my Christmas tracks down 2-3 times a week with an old tee shirt and alcohol. The tee does leave lint or threads and does a great job of it. The locos on the other hand, may give you a fit. Trainset Bachmanns aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to ease of maintenance. Keep the lint out of the drive train as much as possible and clean the wheels with a Q-tip and alcohol. Trainset lokeys are usually pretty greased up new so, with care, lubing wont be an issue 'til next year.
  4. Stuart

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    That's rubbing alcohol and not drinking alcohol aussie

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    Newbie needs help

    I've been reading threads about cleaning the track and wheels on the engine itself, which have been helpful. As we've never had a train before (my wife and son), we've used a "Hawthorne Village" Chiefs train as our Christmas train the past 3 years, adding peices and track to the set each year. I've never done anything to clean the engine, wheels, or track since weve purchased it. I will get the rubbing alcohol and the T-shirt out to the tracks immediately.

    My concern is that the engine is starting to make some noises while circling the track, and I'm not talking about hte normal clickty clack. It's more of a grinding or buzzing when it's going around the track. I don't want to burn up the engine by pulling too much weight, but there are only 5 cars behind it (4 passenger) and the "motor" car. Will cleaning the wheels help resolve this? I'm hoping that it's just dirty wheels or contacts, but is there anything else I can check on?

    Thanks for being patient wtih this newb. Please reply, drop me an email, or if you have AIM, my IM is AWyant3477.
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    I agree with Stuart - isopropanol and a rag work wonders!
    I also use a Bright Boy for the really bad spots.
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    Newbie needs help

    My answer to AWyant:
    The diagnosis you gave, "the engine is starting to make some noises while circling the track, and I'm not talking about the normal clickty clack. It's more of a grinding or buzzing" is telling me that you need more than clean track. I'll bet that the motor and gears need some lubrication. Were there any instructions on how to maintain the engine? It is a good idea to lubricate the gears and also the motor bearings and wheel bearings every now and then. Your train shop should sell a light lubricant for the gears and a light oil for all of the bearings. In a pinch, you might try a little petroleum jelly for the gears and 3-in-1 oil for the bearings. Not much is needed. You might try applying each with the point of a toothpick because not much lubricant is needed, and secondly, you don't want to get in on the wheels and track.

    -Ed Acosta
  8. 60103

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    Grinding noises suggest mechanical problems. You may have to take the body off (I s it a diesel?) and lubricate gears and shafts.
    Dirt problems are contact problems. Usually they show themselves with flickering lights and erractic running. Look at the wheels -- if you can see black streaks on the treads, they are due for cleaning. If the car wheels are plastic, you can spot gunk building up on them and it can be scraped off or dissolved with track cleaner, usually a bit of both.
    This means the track is also dirty. I have a track cleaning car, but you can use a j-cloth or paper towel wrapped around a small block or a half-a-wine-cork and dosed with track cleaner.
    I cleaned our Lionel layout after 2 years light running and came up with a very filthy cloth.
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    more info

    First off, there were no instructions with the engine. Since it is a specialty train from a non-hobby store, I they don't have anything in the way of support or help. About all I can say is that it's a Bachmann. As far as what type it is, I really don't is a link to the same series of trains.

    Secondly, I'm afraid that it is electrical in nature, and will check online hobby stores for the oil and lube. But I did check the wheels, and there is a ton of black on each wheel of the engine and "motor" car. There is also flickering of the lights and intermitent working of the train. I'll get on cleaning the wheels and track right away.

    If you have more suggestions, I'm all ears. I definately appreciate all the help so far.
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    The info was some helpful, but I am the ultimate definition of newbie...

    I have no idea what is a gear or a bushing or a rod, that's why I need specific instructions about the process.

    I think my engines may need to be greased also.

    any help, link, etc. would be appreciated.

  11. AWyant

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    Big Help!

    I pulled the engine tonight to clean on the wheels and track. Upon further inspection, there was quite a build up of fuzz on the axle. So I cleaned up the axles, wheels, and track. Turned it on and let it rip. THe buzzing and everything was gone. For the moment, this seems to have gotten things back on track (pun intended)!sign1

    I will be sure to check on the oil and lube to keep the motor in working order. Is there any tips you would give me before I tear into it?
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    I've never paid any attention to the Thomas Kincade stuff, till now after following that link. He tapped into a good market of reviving the interest the baby boomers, generation-x, and whatever the following generations were, of reliving the childhood Christmas trains. I remember going to the department stores in the late 70's into the 80's and seeing all the train sets at Christmas. I remember them not costing as much as he wants though.sign1
    I did stop and gander at the set of 10 F-units on display, "Americas Greatest Railroads Express" [​IMG]

    Now the price says: $59.95 US Each Issue, I'm assuming thats per engine? I like the display, nice mahogany finish with the depot look, but $60 per engine for $20 Bachmanns? I hope not. Wonder if you can get just the display?sign1
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