NCE D14SR Decoder problem....

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by trainsteve2435, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. :confused:Hello everyone, i have a small problem, i just purchased one of the new Kato SD40-2's and the NCE D14SR decpders to put in it. the problem is that after putting the decoder in, every time i put the loco on the track and turn the power on, it takesoff by its self and i have no control of it. anyone else ever have this problem? Thanks!:eek:
  2. rogerw

    rogerw Active Member

    Steve does it still run on its own after the command stations has booted up? I guess what im saying is when I first turn on my command station my locos will take off also while the command station boots up. I wait till its all booted before I put the loco on the tracks.
  3. Harold Cole

    Harold Cole Member

    What Command Station are you using¿ Harold
  4. Hey guys, im using a Digitrax Super Empire Builder, and yes, the loco still runs on its own even after booting up.:confused:
  5. Harold Cole

    Harold Cole Member

    What values are CV's 02,03,04,05, and 06 set at¿
  6. im not rea sure, it wont hold still long enough for me to check it, my layout is only partially complete, so i cant let it run too far.wall1
  7. Harold Cole

    Harold Cole Member

    I'am not up on NCE decoders,but you should be able to reset everything to Factory default and reset the cv's to your liking
    .This may cure your problem.
  8. any idea what CV i need to re set to get it back to factory?:confused:
  9. Harold Cole

    Harold Cole Member

    CV08 set to 08 should reset it
  10. Nomad

    Nomad Active Member

    Is it a pnp decoder? If so, are you sure the decoder is in the right way? I remember reading they can go in upside down and the decoder will not work right.

  11. Harold Cole

    Harold Cole Member

    When you plugged the decoder in ,did you make sure it was plugged in the correct way¿They can be plugged in backwards and will cause ugly things to happen.
  12. thanks everyone, i got it figured out, it turns out thati actually had a reverse loop in my new track plan that must have been messing the programming up......:cry:, anyways, thanks to everyone!:wave:

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