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Discussion in 'Traction Thoroughfare' started by MinnMonkey, Oct 4, 2007.

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    I am adding a small 2'x3' urban section to my layout. I am looking at using Tomix trolly track and modern street trams or LRV's. My questions are:

    1) I cannot seem to find the Modemo Toyku 300 series trams for sale anywhere, are they no longer selling them, or am I just not looking in the correct places.

    2) I was looking at Aspen Models and they have some trams that would work with my setting, but I am wondering if anyone knows how they perform around the tight Tomix track radius?

    3) Are they any other manufactures out there that make modern trams?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Modemo has just announced another version of the Tokyu 300 series LRV for February 2008 delivery. Production runs are short in Japan and models typically sell out in less than 6 months. You can reserve these through Hobby Search.

    Translated version of http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/J-index.htm

    I reserved a Tokyu 80 two car set in May, and Hobby Search just advised me tonight that my cars had been shipped. It's has one powered car and a trailer. Here's what those cars look like:


    These cars ran on the Setagaya line before the 300s.
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    Other than Modemo and the European trams carried by Aspen Models I'm not aware of any modern N scale trams. There in fact have been very few N scale trams other than Modemo in recent years.

    I do not have the Aspen Model trams, but I hear the N scale versions are not as good as the HO models made by that European manufacturer.

    Auto-Modellbahn-Welt Hödl Straßenbahn und Oldtimertram Modelle
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