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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by roch, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. roch

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    Is there an "n" scale train club in your area?

    I found one here and have been in contact with the President of it. They meet down the street from me but are looking for a new place to set up shop. I mentioned the building next door to me that is for rent. That would be way too cool if they moved over here. :row1:

  2. jesso

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    Our club has a N scale group and the module layout is in my garage! We meet once a month as a group and run trains, although it tends to be more often than that. I also have my HO layout that I am building and a couple of guys as have HO stuff and they run it here as well.
    It was great to have an instant layout when I was getting back into the hobby and especially since I don't have the money (or the skills and tools) to build my own benchwork and layout. Eventually the layout will have to go so that I can build my own.
    As a club we don't have a building yet, but we are exploring some options (need a fingers crossed emoticon)
  3. brandall

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    Do what our club did in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
    We started building 3 Bend Track modules in my garage with 2 members, approx 2 years ago, grew the membership to approx 20 members and had approached the local mall on a empty spot. The mall manager very happy to have us take over a empty spot in the mall, with our own outside entrance. We can come and go as we please with no set open times. Usually we are open on Thurs. nights as a work night for the public to see. We now have a N Scale and HO layout.
    The rent is perfect, which is free, with the deal to move if the spot is needed for a business.
    Brian Randall
  4. roch

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    Good deal BR. If the owner of the building next door wasn't such a #%@%Y$#%$#&%&#$ I would get the local club to rent from him.

    roch :wave:

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