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Discussion in 'Traction Thoroughfare' started by railohio, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. railohio

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    I quickly scanned through the forum listing and didn't see any threads already for N scale modelers; I apologize if this is a duplicate thread.

    Are there any N scale traction modelers out there in Gaugeland? Am I crazy for even contemplating such a thing? The Bachmann Brill trolleys are still available although their PCC cars seem to have gone missing. Are there any other juice models available in N scale? I'm interesting in modeling a freelance Midwestern interurban in the late 1940s. Are there any Internet resources specifically for N scale traction modelers? I didn't turn anything up with a quick Google search. Thanks for the help!
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  3. interurban

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    Check ebay there are 3 PCC and a few brills.
  4. interurban

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    If you are still interested Brian here is a link .
  5. jetrock

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    I hear it has been done, but the idea of doing overhead in N scale gives me the heebie-jeebies...it's enough of a precision operation in HO scale! I imagine for someone who does microsurgery it might be an entertaining pastime. Scratchbuilding interurban cars would be kind of a fun challenge--fairly easy to use B-B diesel loco innards with a seriously bashed exterior.
  6. railohio

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    I was thinking about bashing interurbans out of Life-Like switcher chassis. It probably wouldn't be much more than an oval of track and a diamond to add some interference to my planned shortline. Still would be a nice touch to add to the layout, though!
  7. jetrock

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    True enough...not sure if anyone makes wood-sided passenger cars in N scale, but one might make a good starting point for something like a Jewett interurban.
  8. spitfire

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    Sounds like a challenging but excellent project Brian. Good luck and keep us posted. :D

  9. bill937ca

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    Yes Brian there are N scale traction modellers. There is a fairly active N scale traction group on Yahoo:


    Bachmann and Model Power cars were notorious poor runners. Bachmann cars have plastic gears just like the HO scale Bachmann trolleys. There are some Japanese trolley cars that are of better quality but in short supply over here. But the Yahoo group has an article on remotoring Bachmann's in the files section.

    In the files section of Yahoo group look for file 05. This contains an Ncat Overhead 101 article with colour photos of erecting N scale overhead. It's a very well done article. :thumb:
  10. TrainGuyRom

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    Bachmann makes an N-scale starter kit with two older coaches, and a combine. it is set #14004. In the 2008 catolog it costs $150.00 It comes with a 4-4-0, 34"x24" loop of track, & throttle

    Geez I really sound like a sales person.

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