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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by LIRR, Dec 31, 2004.

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    I was given the task of designing a track plan for my little brothers future N scale layout. I made a simple 2 track oval with a bunch of sidings on the inner loop for industries once the "Operations" bug bites him. It's about 2x7 (going by a rough estamate) the colors at the right on the tracks inside the tunnel Red= Downgrade Light blue= Level track Dark blue= upgrade. I made this track plan by combining two trackplans from a webpage, i think its okay but im a unexperianced track-planner, do any of you vets have any tips for me? Personally im worried that the grade in the tunnel could cause a lot of trouble.

    edit: By the way the curves are 11'' and 19'' on a few sidings, 11'' should handle his amfleet coaches right?
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    Lots of opportunities for switching, structures and scenery there. Looks like mainline running on the outer loop and local traffic on the inner.

    I would add a second set of cross-over track from the outer oval to the inner at the right end of the top straight tracks. Simply mirror the two turnouts on the upper left. This would allow those two straights to act as passing sidings for each other and also allow access without backing up for trains heading the "wrong" direction.

    Good luck to you and your lucky little brother.

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    Looks good. A second set of crossovers at the bottom would provide a run around to work the stub sidings at both ends of the lower side of the loop. Regarding your question about the grades at the right end, what is the elevation change in how many inches? If the grade is too steep for the main, make it shallower. Then to get the sidings up and over the top of the main, start a branch off the inside just right of the left side switching area. You can use a grade as steep as 4% or even 5% on the branch since the only rolling stock going up or coming down will be the car destined for the industries at the end of the branch. It is quite common to see the prototype use multiple units for switching. I think they do it because the local switchers utilise older equipment and if one breaks down, the other one will get the job done.
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    This might help with his layout - can be extended to suit
    Shortliner(Jack) away up here in the Highlands

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