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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by woopud, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. woopud

    woopud New Member

    Are there starter sets available from any brand that have dcc build in allready ?
    Thinking about building a freight yard layout, and i'm wondering if n-scale will run nice and smooth ?

  2. FiveFlat

    FiveFlat Member

    I'm new to N-scale too, but I think for a starter set you should look for Bachmann Spectrum series. I see their sets for around $190.
  3. woopud

    woopud New Member

    What American made n-scale model train is the best ?
  4. skipgear

    skipgear Member

    There is only one currently available N scale "train set" that has DCC included and it doesn't include a DCC controler, only a DC. It is the Bachmann Accela that was just released. It has a decoder installed that is backwards compatible (will work with both DC and DCC). The set comes with a standard DC power supply.

    Look for more N sets from Bachmann with DCC next christmas season. They released a few HO sets with DCC this year and even one set with the DCC controler and 2 loco's so that you could get full use of DCC. They are pushing for DCC in HO and will soon be doing the same in N. Any new Spectrum N loco releases from Bachmann will be coming with DCC installed.

    BTW - I agree with the statement above, the Bachmann Spectrum train sets make excellent starter sets. Their steam set comes with one of the best steam loco's you can get in N scale and it is not too bad to convert to DCC.
  5. Dingo69

    Dingo69 Member

    Not sure what you guy in the US have but I am currently looking at one of the following 2 sets:

    Currently looking at one of the following starting packs:


    T11120 Trix Systems Era IV Super Start Set with 2 trains and large oval track

    based on the following prototypes of the German Federal Railroad. 1 express train, consisting of: 1 class 003 steam locomotive, 1 express train locomotive, 1st class Am 202, 1 express train locomotive, 2nd class Bm 232, 1 express train dining car WR-4üm-64, 1 express train car, 2nd class with baggage compartment BDms 273. 1 freight train, consisting of: 1 class 221diesel locomotive, 1 dump car, 1 tank car, 1 stake car, 1 refrigerator car. Both locomotives are equipped with DCC Selectrix locomotive decoders.
    Model: Era IV, motors with flywheel, each with 4 powered axles. Car with close coupler mechanism, can be retrofitted with interior lighting in the passenger cars. With Trix Mobile Station and transformer, large oval track 150 x 50 cm / 59-1/16 x 19-11/16", passing siding with 2 curved turnouts and storage siding with 2 turnouts, uncoupler track and 2 track bumpers. Can be extended with the entire Minitrix track program. All turnouts can be retrofitted with the 14934/14935 electric mechanisms.

    Highlights: Super start in the new digital age With Trix Mobile Station in Trix Systems / DCC format Two complete trains 4 turnouts and uncoupler track


    FLE69369 - Regional Express Digital Starter Set Scale N
    sample site: http://www.reynaulds.com/fleischman....asp?item=69369

    Contains 1 digital diesel class 218 loco with headlights DCC chip, 2
    double decker coaches, 1 double decker coach with cab control, 1 Twin
    Track Control centre.

    Extended oval of track plus station loop - (23 pieces of track). Train
    length 602mm.

    Operation via: 2 rail Digital DC system (compatible with DCC or FMZ
    equipped Minitrix, Graham Farish etc)

    Track included is Fleischmann N Piccolo track - full profile rails and
    moulded ballast bed.

    Price wise the Fleischmann is a bit more expensive even though it has only 1 train, maybe some one can explain why

    If this helps any, both are digital. Here is my original posting with other members comments:


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