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  1. Hello everyone, since im new to N scale, im wondering who makes the best couplers for locos and rolling stock? I looked on the Kadee site, but i didnt see any N scale. Im looking for the magna matic knuckle couplers, not the rapido type. thanks!:wave:
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    I have found that the Magna-Matic are hard to find in N. I'd start with a mish-mash of knuckle couplers of Magna-Matic and standard. If you have a strong preferance, look around at other N scale manufacturers' websites. Knouckle couplers are easy enough to uncouple, so just start with that, and if you find a good source, convert all of your engines and rolling stock to magnetic couplers.

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    You want Micro Trains Couplers
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    The Edwards brothers split the company some time back. Kadee make HO and larger while Micro Trains make N and smaller (and nobody makes TT :nope: ).
    Afraid some of us older modellers still call them all Kadee.
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    I have a mix of Accumates and Microtrains. I prefer Micro trains.
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    The split of MicroTrains and Kadee was back in 1990. MicroTrains still makes most of the Kadee automatic knuckle couplers. They are still the best.

    Accumates by Atlas are second. Bachmann now makes their own knuckle coupler. Most new Bachmann rolling stock should come with the new coupler. You may find a lot of older cars with the old Rapido couplers.

    The third choice is the Red Caboose Unimate. Their best use is in between locos & passenger cars that aren't switched very often. While they don't automatically couple, they almost never come apart.

    Atlas locos come with Accumates. The knock on them used to be they could not hold a long train in Ntrak service. They should be easy to convert to MTL.

    Kato uses their own coupler. It should mate with MTL's.

    When you buy your loco, the mfr will tell you what kind they came with.
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    Micro-Trains website:


    There is a conversion guide, split up by manufacturer, that covers most N Scale equipment.

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