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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by roger439, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. roger439

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    Hi all,
    I have been out of the hobby for a while but now have the room to build a 4X8 n scale layout.I am looking for a layout suitable for a 3 train system.Any ideas would b greatly appreciated.
  2. ctrain05

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    In the recent MR magazine they did a layout called "the Virginian" 4x8 in HO.. I thought it would be cool to convert that to N scale.. you could have longer coal trains and pusher operations..
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  4. chooch.42

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    Hi, Roger. Don't really know what you're after in a "3 train system", but Dave Vollmer's "Juniata Division" layout has some ideas, and (before the yard add-on, even smaller than 4x8. It's featured in "Great Model Railroads -2014" or, check his site here: http://thevollmerfamily.com/Pennsy/trackplan/ ...there are some YouTube vids out by Dave, also. Nice layout, with operations, main & switching, even working PRR position light signals, beautiful scenery...give it a look. Bob C.
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    I had a 4' x 4' "N" scale layout over the winter, part of the Christmas decorations, but man, I forgot how you really have to secure those tracks, and how deep you heart can sink when a train breaks something from derailing. Luckily they glue back together. :)
  6. chooch.42

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    WOW, didn't see how old this thread was when I posted...hope Roger has found/formulated a plan to fit his wants (by now !). Z, I empathize...derailments and destruction in so small a scale (never mind Z-scale) can be disheartening. I admire the vision (68 year old eyes !) and manipulative skills of those who can work with N-scale, let alone produce such detailed, realistic dioramas, modules & layouts. 'Course your card/paper modeling friends are no less skilled in building ! I'm sure some of them even may produce enviable mobile, powered and controllable miniatures, too - but it's tough to fold a motor ? Hope you perused and passed on that new "Inkscape" release - I didn't know an appropriate, accesable place to put it. All the Best ! Bob C.

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