N or Nn3 Mining and Stamp Mills

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    Anyone out there know a good source for n-scale mine and stamp mill buildings. More of a 'western' mine. There seems to be very few on the market that one can actually get that are in stock and ready to ship.

    Here is all I know of for N / Narrow Gauge / Nn3

    Micro Engineering - Poor Boy Mine
    N Scale Arch. - Eagle River Mine
    N Scale Arch. - Cleveland Mine
    Campbell Scale Models - impossible to find their mine or stamp mill for sale
    Model Power / Pola / AHM ... etc - too much plastic!

    Any more? Any good stamp mills out there? What has worked for you?

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    N scale Architect kits, are laser cut. I would expect the kit would be immediately available direct from the manufacturer. I would suspect that if you are ordering through a distributer (Walthers, Horizon Hobby, etc.), and getting "not-in-stock" indications, it is because the distributor is out of stock, and is waiting for enough orders, before placing the order with the manufacturer.
    It's a matter of shipping costs, most manufacturers have a minimum order, for "shipping included pricing".

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