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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by davidbross, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. davidbross

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    I am an O gauge guy but have some n gauge stuff and wanted to do a small layout for the kids. I tried to run one of the engines I have that is supposed to be NIB condition. I put in on the tracks and nothing happens. No short circuit, no light in the engine, no movement. Nothing.

    Engine is an Atlas C-628

    How do I trouble shoot it?
  2. shaygetz

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    I use a 9v battery with a battery clip that has two small alligator clips soldered to the wires. After I open the loco up, I touch the clips to the brushes on the motor. 9 volts is usually enough to get a dirty motor to at least kick over. My bet would be that the loco needs a good clean and lube and that the track wouldn't hurt for a cleaning too. Burnt out motors really aren't that common, most being pretty resilient little beasts.
  3. davidbross

    davidbross New Member

    I tried it again and I was wrong - I get lights but nothing more. This engine was made in 2003 and comes DCC ready so there is some kind of circuit board inside. Anyone have suggestions...BTW what do the brushes look like. I will try applying power.
  4. seanm

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    Some DCC locos do not do well with pulsed DC from some of the modern power packs...usually the better ones. A cheap DC pack is a good choice or the battery test is also still a valid test. Also DC conversion could be turned off by the previous owner. It would be good if you know someone with a DCC setu to have them confirm DC conversion is on.
  5. eightyeightfan1

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    According to the Atlas site, the 2003 C-628( http://www.atlasrr.com/NLoco/nc628.htm )either with a decoder, or not. Like Sean said, it might be a decoder equiped loco. Non decoder equiped shold have a PCB board to run the lights, and maybe a jumper. If the box says DCC Ready, my guess is that a decoder is installed. DCC Compatible, would mean that just the jumper is installed, or that the PC board to run the lights, is connected to an 8 pin connector.
    I would do like Sean said, and see if it will run on a DCC layout.
  6. Catt

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    DCC ready means it is set up to take a plug_n_ play decoder.My guess would be if it is that old the lube has dried out and is just semi solid mass of goop.

    I would suggest that you find a local N scaler to check it out or send it to ATLAS (after contacting them first ) to have it checked out.

    One thought just occured to me,what colour are the wheel treads? if they are a black colour you may only need to clean them.You should also check the contact strips where they touch the truck pickups ,they need to be brite and shiney to get a proper connection.(Ok,that was two thoughts :mrgreen:)

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