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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by curmudgeon, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. curmudgeon

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    Hi all -

    I've accumulated 2 ind. switchers I'd like to identify -
    Model mfr'd be interesting, but I really want to know what the prototypes are.
    Did a search for GE switchers, found lots, but none like either here. Seems GE's <35 tons or so are single truck.
    Mebbe freelance? Mebbe NOT GE's? Just assumed from cab marking.
    Larger (rear/GE2) has "Yugoslavia" on bottom, smaller (GE1) no marks w/metal frame.
    Orange over silver, green logos/lettering (black on #1 not factory).
    With a little luck, pix att'd.
    Add'l pix available for any who'll take the time.
    Any "hep" appreciated.[​IMG]


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  2. jetrock

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    They might not have a prototype, or be very far off the mark--for small switchers, a lot of companies that made toy-train stuff would make a small dual-truck loco into a single-trucker. They could be very crude models of GE 44 tonners or some other GE industrial locomotives...
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  5. curmudgeon

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    Hi guys -

    Thanks for the responses.

    Brakie & LiveSteamer:
    Would y'all be willing to arm-wrestle to decide who's right, Plymouth or GE?[​IMG]

    I'm back into railroading after a 25 yr break - remember Mantua as cast metal stuff.

    Cab windows, radiator grills, engine access doors are key features I've been comparing, but no luck so far.

    Any other leads appreciated.

  6. shortliner

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    Actually made by Mehano in Yugoslavia - AFAIK no prototype, just a small deisel loco with an off-centre cab to fit over a generic chassis. I've just given one away for conversion to On30 and it is now a small steam engine with tramway skirts. The original came in lots of road names - none of which RR's ever had them!
  7. Ray Marinaccio

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  8. curmudgeon

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    All right, then!!

    Now we're gettin' somewhere.

    The Plymouth is definitely right - details diff, but that's the prototype ok.
    No wonder I din't find it in GE's. [​IMG]

    S'pose the Mehano is just generic - which is fine, I was only curious.

    Thanks for all the input, fellers - you've been a great help![​IMG]

  9. curmudgeon

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    Hi all -

    A final note -
    I found this on:
    (LOTSA innerstin' switchers in "Special Vehicles" section - long loadtime but quite a payoff!).
    This, details aside, is obviously the Plymouth prototype for the Mehano above, just freelanced on single-truck frame.
    Dunno wt., but sure looks substantial.
    LOVE that cowcatcher![​IMG]



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  10. curmudgeon

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    this post is deleted duplicate of above - ignore and forget.
  11. Ray Marinaccio

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  12. brakie

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    Ray,Thanks for clearing up that lil' Plymouth..I had 2 of those units at one time that I used on a 36"x72" industrial switching layout..I always thought these was suppose to be 65 toners..But thanks be to you I know now they are 60 toners. :thumb: :D
  13. curmudgeon

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    Great work, Ray![​IMG]

    I'm surprised it's "only" 65t w/2-trucks, when CR-4 is 60t on single.

    Studying over the selection of pics you've found, there's a bunch of minor detail diffs, and from other Plymouth pics I've seen, a great variety of model designations.
    Pic 1&2 have side grills/vert. front, 3 & brakies pic front grill/slanted (among other diffs) - are they all CR-8's?

    Anyone know the Plymouth model numbering system?

    A particular point of curiosity - what is the (variously shaped) box centered on the hood just in front of the cab on so many, but not all, Plymouths?
    And many have boxes at various places on the hood sides - mebbe to cover accessories sticking out from diff. engine installations?
    Also, many have 1 or more round tanks stuck various places on them - fuel tanks?

    Pheeoow! Too much I don't know!!![​IMG]

  14. curmudgeon

    curmudgeon Member

    Just occurred to me -

    Ray's #3 & brakies pic are 2-truck (early body?) CR-8's that look like the 1-truck CR-4 prototype for the Mantua.

    Wonder if there's a 1-truck CR-? that looks like Ray's #1&2 pics, and is the true prototype for the Mehano?[​IMG]

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