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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by CAS, Dec 24, 2006.

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    After mmonths of going back and forth, trying to decide between N, and HO scale. HO scale won. :thumb: . Reasons being, to me HO has more variaty of items to purchase. It will be easier to detail buildings.( After working on both types of buildings, just to see which i liked.)

    Its just gonna be a 4' x 10' layout, with a 2' x 6' yard connectted to it. I know there are some flaws, track to close to edge of table. It is small, it's for practicing purposes. later down the way, it will either be taken down, or expanded. just want to get the feeling of scenery, painting, wiring, just to name a few. I am middle aged, LOL. So i still have plenty of years in me, to have fun playing with my trains.

    This will be my first real train layout. I will be operating it by myself. And just had ordered my Digitrax Zephyr Basic Set.
    And waiting for the track (code 83) to come in also.

    Here is a diagram of my layout. Please comment on the layout. I had gotten it from the book of Model Train help, by Robert Anderson.
    I will modeling C&NW, mostly. In the midwestern region. And from 1970's to present time.

    The 2 turnouts on the 4' sides will be #4's. The mainline on the 10" side will be #6's. And the industies will be #4's also. The 25 degree crossing on the bottom left, will lead to a 2' x 6' yard. The 2' x 6' yard, i still have to plan it. Probably just basic, with a modern engine house. It is 18 in. radius. A high % of the track will be flex track. Mounted on cork roadbed, then fixed to 1.5", or 2" pink foam.


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    pretty nice looking
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    I like it got for it. You need to build what you like not what others like for you. I have always thought you should do what you like. You are the only one that has to work on it and run trains on it.

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