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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Raistlin, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Raistlin

    Raistlin Member

    If you read my previous thread, I had to take down my layout becuase the table started to sag. The table has now been fixed, and I have my layout backup. I thought I would share it, ask for opinions etc.

    Firstly though, please remember, this is my first layout. It is on a plain white table. No laughing out loud at its simplicity :) . I will gradually be building on it, adding stuff here and there.




    Please be kind. Eventually I will be replacing the manual turnouts with electronic ones, but that isn't in the near futurre. Any recommendations, or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    And once again, no laughing hahaha
  2. cpr_boy

    cpr_boy Member

    Looking good. Is it HO scale? Remember it doesn't matter what others think as long as YOU are enjoying it.

    Have fun!
  3. Raistlin

    Raistlin Member

    Yes it is HO Scale and the table is 8x4 feet.
  4. yellowlynn

    yellowlynn Member


    The only recommendation I can think of is to either put up sideboards or hang safety nets. Either that, or be mighty close to the floor. Otherwise I think it looks great. I wish my first one had looked near that good. :thumb: :thumb:

  5. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    I think you may have trouble affixing scenery and the like - looks like melamine tabletop to me - very difficult to get things like white glue to stick permanently.

    The plan is simple, and gives a nice long run, but I see only one siding. If you are interested in operations, you may want to consider adding a passing siding, and some more industry sidings.

    What are your plans for locos and rolling stock? Industries? Scenery/locale? "Off-track" elements like a town? Anything else you can tell us?

  6. Raistlin

    Raistlin Member

    Hi Andrew...well I am not sure what you mean by siding...I assume you mean 'things alongside the track'. Yes I only have the one small station so far.

    I plan on two 'themes'. in the right loop I want to make an industrial area. I saw a nice oil well model, some coal filler type stuff etc. In the left loop I was planning on a residential type area. A few houses, barns, general store, that sort of thing. I haven't decided on exact things yet, still looking at all of the options out there.

    For locos...the next one I plan on getting (although it won't be for a bit yet) is to get a steam locomotive, with a coal car. I know that probably won't fit with the industry I was planning on getting, they just look nice.

    For rolling stock...whatever takes my fancy to be honest. I bought a few cars cuz I liked the look of them, and as I find more that I like I will probably pick them up. As I get my industry more finalized, I will probably start getting cars more in tune with that industry theme.

    I might get a passenger theme going to, but once again, I haven't decided yet.

    The finish that is on the table is plastic-ish...not sure if it the kind you suggest. I was planning on going to home Depot and getting some dirt coloured paint and painting it (and of course dismantling the layout once again), then any scenery, etc I can affix to the paint, not directly to the table. In theory (famous last words) that should work.

    I also want to have a tunnel on the outer arm of the right leg, but I have no idea how to really go about building one. I am all thumbs.

    Also eventually I want to add roadbed, etc. but once again, that is in the future.

    If I am incorrect in what you mean by siding, can you correct me please?

    Can't think of anything else off hand. I have done a lot of looking at othe rmembers pictures and while enthralled and impressed it is WAY beyond my skill level. I do still want to make an attractive display that is more than the simple black and white scheme i have going now.
  7. kchronister

    kchronister Member

    I think you've done a great job fitting maximum "mainline" running space into a 4x8.

    As others have pointed out, though, you don't currently have much _other_ than mainline running. I'm very much into mainline operations myself, probably more so than many model railroaders, and even I eventually get very bored with 'round and round we go' and start looking for some purpose - some destinations for trains to travel from and to.

    If it were my layout (and I echo the sentiment that the main criteria is whether you like it or not), I'd probably do the following things to add a little interest. I've made very crude additions to your picture to illustrate.

    1st image:

    1) (red line) You can add a short spur off the "right hand" entry to your inner loop. You could even tie it back in to the main to be a siding or small passing track.
    2) (green line) Space is at a premium inside your inner 18" radius loop, but I dd see one area you could add a short spur here too. You could probably do 2 tracks here, but that might get too cramped.
    3) (blue line) Finally, you could dramatically change hour your 'station' works by making a passing-siding track where it is. Having a station next to such a track would be much more realistic - trains come off the mainline, pause at the station, then continue. As a bonus, you could now take another spur/siding off of this, run it under the overpass, and have a much longer siding to play with as well.

    Picture 2
    (yellow line) An alternative (which is not mutually exclusive with some other ideas) is to create a "passing track" along the level part of your inner loop, and take some spurs off that...

    picture 3

    You also have some space at the "other" end of things to put a small spur in.

    Essentially, if you look at any straight, unraised section on your layout, and consider what you could do if it were a turnout instead, you'll find many options.

    FWIW, of course...


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  8. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    Looks good. It looks like you are running 18" radius on your curves, maybe 22". If you want to run steam, stay small. 2-6-0, 2-8-0, 2-6-2, or 2-8-2 will work ok on those tight turns, but bigger steam will tend to derail. For passenger service, you will also need to run "shorty" cars. The prototype ran 85 foot long passenger cars like what Walthers new cars. Models of those cars won't work on the tight radius you have. Athearn and others have made "shorty" 72 foot cars for many years, and those will work fine on your layout. Regarding steam on a modern layout. #1 It's your layout, run what you like. #2 If you like steam, but want to stay prototypical on a modern layout, run a restored railfan type train, like the Grand Canyon Railway, S.F. 3751 (a northern is too big for your radius, but a pacific type would work) #3 Make your buildings and details removeable and then you can back date your layout to the 30's or 40s. In effect have two layouts with one track plan and table.
  9. kchronister

    kchronister Member

    From my dimly remembered 18" radius past... I have to disagree with Russ and say even a 2-8-2 is likely to be unsatisfactory. My first "real" steamer (as opposed to my first 0-8-0 Tyco "chattanooga choo choo") was a 2-8-2 Mikado. Those leading and trailing 2's never did want to stay put on 18" radii and #4 turnouts.
  10. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    Some 2-8-2s are comfortable on 18", some need 22". Marklin claims their UP 2-8-2 runs on less than 15"!
    It wouldn't be the industries the steam engine wouldn't go with, it would be the other railroad equipment.
    Judging by the equipment you already have, I don't think you're exactly 'modern'. Multimark scheme, MLW RS-series engine, boxcars without roofwalks, caboose in use, CN 'wet noodle' logo... I'm thinking late 70s. That's still too late for revenue steam.

    Regarding industries, since you already have a small bulkhead flat with lumber, and a Weyerhauser boxcar, a lumber mill would seem a good choice. You could make the suggested "green-line" or "yellow-line" spurs to serve it.
  11. Raistlin

    Raistlin Member

    Thank you very much everyone (especially Kris) for the great advice, and layout ideas. Also thanks for the warnings against the steam engine and passenger setup issues with my 18" radius track. I still have so much to learn, but having a great time doing it.
  12. Raistlin

    Raistlin Member


    Well I have done some updates, but I ran out of track :cry: . I will be going back to the hobby shop after work, picking up what i need (and I am sure other stuff too haha) and adding to the design that Kris helped to draw out.

    I will post some pictures later. I am so very excited right now hahaha

    Like a kid in the candy shop...

    Unfortunately it has put coin collecting on hold for a bit...:(

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