My first built up!

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Rob24, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Rob24

    Rob24 New Member

    Hey guys let me know what ya think. I enjoyed building models when I was younger. This was a blast. I attemted to weather it a little. Not to happy with the "weathering". I also decided to add "cables" to the kit. I thought it needed a little more realism!

  2. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    I really like the heavy steel look of the crane support. Plus, the cabling looks great. The rust on the one I-beam looks great - but what caused it? Something drip on it, drop on it, dent it? Just offering ideas. Plus, the gearing could have lots of grease (or some similar color). Maybe even some soot from the smoke stack. Overall, I think yo did a really nice job!
  3. Rob24

    Rob24 New Member

    I bumbed the brush on the leg. I figured I might as well "weather" it while I was at it. :rolleyes:

    Great Ideas about the grease and soot!
  4. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    Looks Good!
  5. tetters

    tetters Rail Spiking Fool!

    I like it.
  6. RonP

    RonP Member of the WMRC

    It looks great not flimsy or weak like you usually see when scaled down.

    Great job, I hope to see the weathering all done too.
  7. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    Whoa! Is that HO?! Looks huge!

    Nice job - :thumb:
  8. Rob24

    Rob24 New Member

    Yeah, it's HO.
  9. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    Those cranes build into really nice models. I built one myself but your cabling gives me ideas for improvments on mine.
  10. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Rob, i think you done a GREAT job on it:bravo: .

    :deano: -Deano
  11. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    I like it too. Nice job highlighting the details on the operator's cab.
  12. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    Ya know...I just re-read my original reply and boy it read to me that I was just throwing stones or being smug or preachy or some know-it-all regarding weathering - and that's not at all how I meant that reply to read.

    I'm very sorry about that and I apologize.

    I meant to convey my admiration for some very nice modeling. And that it really looks good to me. Plus taking the picture in a white box really helped focus on only the model and not the surroundings...which adds to my appreciation since you displayed only the model and asked for opinions. So again, I really like the model crane and hope I didn't imply anything else but my admiration of the work. My second post still is in force - Looks Good!:thumb:
  13. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    I didn't pick up any attitude like that Herc...seemed like constructive thoughts to me.
  14. CNWman

    CNWman CNW Fan

    I like it as well! Certainly better than my first kit and it's weathering job (think Hitchcock's The Birds and that they all used the building as a litteral "dump" if you know what I mean:twisted::mrgreen:)
  15. Rob24

    Rob24 New Member

    Hercman, I did not take your reply as being rude at all. I enjoyed your reply, it gave me ideas as how to make it better.

    The white box is a "photo booth" that I made for my other hobby.
  16. Herc Driver

    Herc Driver Active Member

    Glad to hear that.
  17. sgtcarl

    sgtcarl Member

    Excellent job! It almost made me "homesick" for the days when I would work around equipment, similar to what you have.(USACE.) I said "almost!":thumb:
  18. Rob24

    Rob24 New Member


    As I said in an earlier post. The white box is a "photo" booth that I made for my other hobby. It has two 100 watt light bulbs about 4 inches overhead........ Long story short I plugged in the power strip to power up a lamp and did not realize the lights came on. The crane was still in there......... I melted the darn thing! I didn't even know what was happening until I smelled the plastic getting hot. I am going to take it to the body shop for an overhall. I will post a pic after it gets back.
  19. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    OH NO!!!!! Good luck with the reconditioning!

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