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  1. Mountain Man

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    Remember the MX Missile System? The Peacekeeper?

    Remember the MX Rail Misiles? Well, they're back...

    The missile car looks like an elongated, double-high closed carrier - the giveaway is the double trucks at each end to distribute the weight. Look for at least two stark-looking "boxcars" accompanying it - the power car and the control car.

    Why are they back on the rails of Colorado? Well...
  2. IAIS 604

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    MM -

    The MX rail system was never deployed.

    See: LGM-118A Peacekeeper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    BTW - I was in the USAF (SAC) for 12 years. Eight years as a Titan II Missile Combat Crew Commander and Sector Maintenance Officer at McConnell AFB, KS, and 4 years as a Minuteman II weapon system Maintenance Support Division Chief at Ellsworth AFB, SD.
  3. Mountain Man

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    However, it was extensively tested on the public rail system throughout Wyoming and Colorado, and I personally saw this three-car set-up attached to a mixed freight last week. I was close enough to verify the DoD markings on the cars. I recognize it very well, having extensively toured F.E,.Warren AFB and the MX test site while the program was active, and having seen the three car set-up up close and personally at that time as well.

    The question was not whether or not it's running the rails - that has been visually verified as fact - the question is why.
  4. IAIS 604

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    MM -

    I have no doubt you saw the cars - I'm just stating (based on 12 years as an officer in USAF missile systems) that there is no ICBM inside.

    Maybe it is on it's way to disposal, as they are no longer needed (at least, for the original purpose).
  5. davidstrains

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    Hey, another SAC trained killer. I did a 4 year stint as a TII MCCC at Little Rock, AR, primarily at ACP 1 (374-1). Before that I was Tactical Comm for the 301 Air Refueling Wing at Lockbourne AFB, OH (now Rickenbacher ANG)

    Small world.
  6. IAIS 604

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    Hey David !

    If you ever get a chance and are in the Tucson area, go to see the last remaining Titian II site (DM) - it's now a museum! A scene from one of the Star Trek movies was shot there (in the silo).

    My brother-in-law (who is also an ex-MCCC) and I went to see it earlier this Summer - brought back a lot of memories !!! You can only go on level 2 of the cc and silo (far cry from the days when I climbed all over the place - sometimes in RFHCO - as a SMO), but still worth the admission price, IMHO.

    I think Paul and I had more "war stories" than the tour guides, but they do a good job. Most seem to be ex-contractors! The museum does have volunteer ex-TII crew guides on weekends (we were there on a weekday) - they asked me if I was interested, but I thought the commute from Iowa would be a bit much!

    If you are interested, there is a good TII book called "Titan II - A History of a Cold War Missile Program" by David Stumpf (U. of Arkansas Press) - got a copy at the museum.

    Remember: "To error is human, to forgive divine, neither of which is SAC policy."

    Keep the pointed end up !!!
  7. IAIS 604

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    Glad you were not at 4-7 !

    Also glad I was not at 3-7 !!

    - G
  8. davidstrains

    davidstrains Active Member

    I did my last tour at 3-7:mrgreen:
  9. Mountain Man

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    And...thank you all for hi-jacking my thread.

    I will be waiting with great interest for yours.
  10. yellowlynn

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    miss - isles

    Go get 'm Mountain Man.

  11. IAIS 604

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    Sorry MM, but if you (or any one else) had more to say on this topic, why didn't you (or them) say it ???

    Hey - if any thread of mine is as dead as this one, feel free !!!

    Threads lead where threads lead - there is, IMHO, no "ownership".
  12. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Alrighty folks, let's remember to keep it civil out there. I've never been too concerned about the concept of "hijacked threads" because it always seems that a topic can be brought back to its original theme with one post. I would take issue with intentional repeated attempts to disrupt an active thread in a way that didn't allow people to post fluidly about a topic, however, and it would be moderated accordingly.

    I am interested in the siting you reported MM. Have you heard anything about it since?

    I'm also fascinated by the service you guys provided as members of missile crews etc. A older freind of mine manned a Nike base outside of NY City inthe 50s.

  13. IAIS 604

    IAIS 604 Member

    Ralph -

    I am saddened by the fact that two forum members objected to two Air Force vets in effect saying "Hello!" to each other. The missile sites I noted in my post were where major accidents occured (with loss of life).

    I will now return MMs "hi-jacked" thread ... and to make sure it does not happen again, color me gone from this forum.

    Larry and others, I'll see you over on the Atlas forum.

    - former Captain (now Professor) George Bailey.
  14. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    George, I'd have PMed or emailed but you aren't set up for either so:

    Well, you're entitled to decide what you'd like to do George. Seems a strong reaction to me though.


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