Muunilinst 10 team papercraft + ARC gunship

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  1. aliarz103

    aliarz103 New Member

    Hello everyone ! I'm a newbie from Malaysia with a big ambition and climbing a mountain of paperworks. I want to built Muunilinst 10 team models from piromodel website + ARC gunship from
    I think i should print the clone in A4 size and the gunship in A3 size.
    Helps and supports are appreciated. Thank you :wave:

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  2. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Check to see if someone has already done the clone transport and take some hints from that build. Lacking that, start building and when you get to a problem/question, post a picture of the area in question and I am sure some one will assist and guide you to a solution or solutions.
  3. aliarz103

    aliarz103 New Member

    Thanks. I just start this project and i finnish 1 test clone. It seems that it does not fit the gunship cockpit. Guess i have to make the cockpit larger or make the clone smaller. Meanwhile, check this out, my Alpha-77 helmet, modified from ChuKoNu pepakura design. Took my 1 month and its barely fit my head. Laters :thumb:

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  4. Ghengis Ska

    Ghengis Ska New Member

    That's a nice version of the Gunship, I have seen a free one, but that one looks very nice maybe better.
  5. mysteroid

    mysteroid Member

    Hey there, I'm in Malaysia right now on vacation!:wave:

    Looking forwards to seeing your build!

  6. aliarz103

    aliarz103 New Member

    I decide to build the gunship finish first. It's a bit difficult printing in large scale, plus the paper gets pretty soft when printing wet/heavy colors. Patience everybody, i dont wanna get burnout, i'll try to keep steady progress, laters.
  7. aliarz103

    aliarz103 New Member


    :thumb:Here is an update for my progress. Sorry for my slow ness. The wings is not complete yet, the round cannons are difficult. I have,nt fold the small parts yet. As you can see, the A4 troopers is little bit big to the A3 gunship. :thumb:Laters.

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