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  1. stuart_canada

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    after having my post deleted. I was told I was too biased or crictical of the museum in Ottawa. I just felt that is National Museum is using Tax dollars to keep, maintain and showcase our railroad history there should be a better format for it.

    Rusting relics in a warehouse on display is not a good way to showcase these items. I will admit it was great to see them up close but they need some help.
    The royal hudson was interesting to me to learn it was in a wreck just down the street from where I live, rebuilt and ran again, now stored, mounted and stuffed for public display.

    I remember reading somewhere on line a few years ago that the Museum wanted to get rid of the railroad equipment and use the space for some other display.

    It is also very hard to take pics of them in that area they are displayed in, it is dark, and kind of small, but you could get good detail pics if you wanted, but only of one side. left sides as facing.

    Personally i would like to see them show cased in a better setting. Do not want to see them rust away before some improvements are done to them.

    Hope this sounds less critical sounding
  2. MasonJar

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    I would agree that the setting is not the best, especially for photography. But it is better than scrapping the locos entirely...

    CPR ran over 3000 steamers - only a handful are preserved, and even fewer run.

    Recently, the Guelph Mercury (newspaper) called for the remval and scrapping of CN 6167, which is in a static display in that town.

    I think we should be happy to see the locos preserved in some form - at least then there is hope. And the Museum also provides space for the restoration of Ottawa streetcar 696. I think it is a reasonable use of tax dollars.


    Have you visited the Canadian Railway Museum at Delson near Montreal? That is supposed to be incredible...
  3. stuart_canada

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    I just want the staff and the museum to look after them and make it better there. I will be wrting the museum staff a letter to state my concerns.
  4. spitfire

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    That's a good idea Stuart. Maybe a letter to the Government as well, since they're probably the ones who supply the funding, or lack thereof.

  5. Chessie6459

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    I agree with Val on this one.
  6. railwaybob

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    Unfortunately, it takes money to restore artifacts like steam locomotives. What with cutbacks in budgets, there's not a lot of money to go building new buildings for museums. It also requires an interest on the part of the general public to develop more railway artifacts. While we might be interested in this kind of preservation of our history, unfortunatley, the general public isn't all that keen.

    It's a case of the squeaky wheel getting all of the grease.
  7. CN1

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    I have to agree with you.

    I used to live in Ottawa. I remember when the Museum of Science & Technology (As it was called) had an OK display of cars and locomotive. Steamer inside and Diesel outside.

    I went there 2 years ago and things have change. It's a shadow of it's former self.
    It's too bad, realy.

    ST Constant has a great rail Museum. If you have the chance, it's worth the drive.


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