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    mujungasaurus was a 20-23 ft. predator that weigh around 1,500 to 2,000 pounds. this odd creature took big head and little arms to the extreme. its arms were tiny in comparison to the body and had relatively short legs and a long, serpentine body. but with a very strong bite force, this was an amazing and odd killer in all.
    the scale is 1:15 and I have yet designed the legs.

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    A very interesting subject Freddyman. I've been enjoying watching the dinosaur models evolve lately (pun intended). Looking forward to seeing this one develop.

  3. freddyman

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    finished with then prototype. this is by far the most sturdiest model I have made. once build, it can stand without need of a counterbalance. pics are coming soon.
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    for some reason, it won't let me upload my pictures. does anyone know what's going on
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  6. freddyman

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    here are some more pics

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  7. freddyman

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    My prehistoric work isn't done yet. Heres an image of mujungasaurus with small modifications to the leg. All it needs now is color

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    Keep working on these organic shapes, they are the hardest to do in paper. Since you are not using printed color parts, I would advise experiment with soaking paper parts in water, after you cut them, and using spoons, or what ever surface you find with radii that fits, even making them out of two part epoxy, and using these to wrap the paper on and around, and create compound curves, even if that paper tears a little, you can either repair them with glue when they dry, or make a pulp out of paper dust and glue to make a patch. Painting will create a very organic model, all out of paper, covering any patches. :)

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