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  1. hi gang, im about finished with my project GP9's and im wanting to add MU hoses to them, can someone tell me how you make them, or what do you make them from? im sure they probably sell them, but im on a budget right now trying to finish up my benchwork. any help or suggestions are appreciated. thanks!:wave:
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    Steve, do you have any telephone wire laying around, if so the wire is about right for mu hoses, after you strip it. Then just bat the end flat alittle to simulate a gladhand. Elcheapo way to make them. They are not flexible but they will hold your shape you make them. Good luck.
  3. thanks brian, ill give it a go...:thumb:
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    I forgot to add don't glue them in place so that when you can afford the right ones, you can remove and replace. The Details West clusters are the best, those units would need the 4 hose clusters when money permits and they will cover up the old holes. Sorry I didn't add this earlier, hope it not too late.

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