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    The Maberly Transit Commission operates a nonprofit public transportation service for the citizens of the city of Maberly. The equipment used was purchased from the TTC.
    These famous red subway cars have the unique name of the "Red Rocket" It is quite common to here people saying we are going to ride the red rocket to get to work, go shopping or to get to the various entertainment venues in the city or just to get from point A to B.
    Fares are based on the honour system. Single trip tickets are available at the stations. Weekly and monthly passes are available and one can travel anywhere in the city that the MTC routes cover. MTC police do random checks to ensure all riders have a valid ticket.
    The pictures seen here were taken at the Front Street station where the MTC connects with the MAT rail terminal so commuters can hop onto the subway when the commuter train drops them off at downtown Maberly.
    I scratchbuilt six of these subway cars but only five fit in this station.
    I still need to add interior lights in the cars and to install supporting columns in the station.
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    Don't get to see many subways modeled, nice work!

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